IKON Urban Music Festival Presents Ja Rule

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IKON URBAN MUSIC FESTIVAL’s first series will take place on May 10, 2018, in one of the biggest and most luxurious beach club in Asia – Cove Manila. The festival will be featuring late 90’s Philanthropist, Actor, and Rap artist JA RULE for his second time performing here in the country. The said event is just days away from now and luckily we got the chance to interview one of its shocking Part-Producer, a very gorgeous and well-known Brazilian TV host and actress, Ms. Diana Menezes. 




So what’s the story behind IKON Urban Music Festival? 

“It all started when few friends of mine, Ravuth Ty Llamar (Ty) & Nik (the founders and owners of Vestival in Europe), brought some artists to the Philippines and we started talking about future events, and we all clicked. They have produced shows all over the world and I must say, check out Vestival in youtube! Hehe. It was more on Hip-hop artists and since I see we are missing hip-hop festivals here lately, plus the trend of EDM fame has started to decline in the Philippines, I felt it was the right time put up a festival filled with International Hip-hop artists. “


According to what we’ve seen in your Festival’s Facebook page, you will be bringing JA RULE on May 10, at Cove Manila. I can’t get it. Why is it called a festival when you only have one artist to perform?

“Hahahaha Because what’s happening on May 10th is just the first series where we feature JA RULE.

It’s a series of shows with different International Hip-hop artists. Then, we’ll have monthly shows or series of it the whole year that will eventually lead to the main event which is the festival that we will bring to Asia. It will gather great headliners and good mixtures. We don’t just want to be called a Hip-hop festival, we’re trying to serve a wide spectrum with awesome lineups. We may add a solid local line up too. “


What are your expectations for the event in terms of attendance?
“A fun party with the best crowd of Manila! I’m confident that like me, there’s a lot of hip-hop fans who won’t want to miss it. We’ve even sold out the early bird tickets in just one week! Isn’t that awesome?”

Are you planning to quit showbiz and be full-time in organizing festivals?
“Hmm… never quit, always learn. Hosting has been my bread and butter and passion I have been busy with for the past 11 years in the Philippines, as well as endorsing. Carrying the name of products as an endorser and ambassador has been an honor to me, to be trusted by 8 local and 2 international brands. I’m humbled to say I am beyond blessed to use my influence and status to help others (the country’s ambassador of HIV awareness, and a volunteer in hospitals of cancer patients).  As of the other things that keep me busy like my coffee brand, swimsuit line, and shampoo, I’m into business naman talaga for a few years now, and this opportunity is a new venture I’m excited to explore it. Being part of and able to contribute on putting up an event like this is on my bucketlist.


Lastly, can you tell us about the upcoming artists of IKON?
“(Laughs) I cannot answer you now. All I can say is come on May 10 for you to find out what IKON is all about.

Who knows? We might launch our second artist there! *Wink*”


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