Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen: Modern Japanese Ramen

The rainy season is about to be felt in the metro! When In Manila, there’s no better dish than ramen that can give you comfort during these cold days. Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen is the newest ramen shop in the Shangri-la Plaza and SM Aura that you should give a try!

 1Ebisu (Business God)

It all started with an invitation from a fellow WIM writer and being a ramen lover, I would not let this pass by me. That’s why on a busy Thursday, JoTan, KC Canlas and I braved the traffic going to the new wing of Shangri-la Plaza to be satisfied with bowls upon bowls of ramen by Ikkoryu Fukuoka.

Ikkoryu’s ramen is a one of the restaurant chain under the Yamagoya Ramen, established in 1970 and one of the traditional Japanese ramen chains that specializes in Hakata or Tonkotsu ramen, a regional specialty from Fukuoka that has a rich tonkotsu (pork-bone) broth and straight flour-noodles. In the Philippines, the ramen house is handled by Red Crab Group and was just launched last March.

ikkoryu-ramen-when-in-manila (13)

The ambiance of their Shangri-la Plaza branch will give you a real Japanese eatery experience, with wooden planks donned with Japanese calligraphy of a 600-year old poem about love, we tried to ask Mr. Kenji Komoru to translate it to us. He is from the current Director of Y.S. Food Co. Ltd, the company that ensures that Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen meets the standard of a quality ramen.

ikkoryu-ramen-when-in-manila (1)

Our generous host that day, Mr. Kenji Komoru (Director, Y.S. Food Co. Ltd)

We were seating for roughly five minutes and the place was packed, no available table for incoming guests. Now, that made us curious and a little bit more excited to taste their ramen that Mr. Komoru dubs as the “new style of Japanese ramen”. 

 ikkoryu-ramen-when-in-manila (2)Gyoza – Php 150.00 (6pcs)

ikkoryu-ramen-when-in-manila (10)

Harumaki (spring rolls) – Php 180.00 (2pcs)

ikkoryu-ramen-when-in-manila (11)

Ikkoryu Teriyaki Chicken Wings – Php 180.00 (4pcs)

The appetizer that they served is a delight in our palate and a perfect way to start a ramen dinner. The Gyoza and Harumaki comes with a dipping sauce, but it tastes good even without it. The chicken wing on the other hand is a flavor that Ikkoryu can say as their original, it doesn’t at all taste like the chicken wings that we are used to. But, it’s worth the try especially with a bottle of good beer!

ikkoryu-ramen-when-in-manila (9)Japanese beer is best paired with Ikkoryu’s appetizers.

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