Ikarus Theater Collaborative’s Being Sofia Drops Its Last Episode this March

On March 13, 2021–the Ikarus Theater Collaborative will release its final episode of Being Sofia, the company’s first desktop film series. Simply being herself is Sofia’s greatest challenge, especially when she is juggling academics, anxiety, and insomnia in what should be the “comfort” of her bedroom. What could be a remedy of a wary heart but a rekindle with a past crush in high school and a fun, exciting catch-up with an old buddy from the review center?

Will she ever be ready to be Sofia for someone?”

WhenInManila Ep5MainPoster

Being Sofia is a five-episode desktop film series about a college student reconnecting with her old friends, Riley and Liam, during the pandemic. But there’s one problem: both of them have other interests aside from

friendship. And to complicate things more, Joey, a long-time friend and confidant of Sofia, also has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Dale, Sofia’s brother, tries to support his sister as best he could while struggling with his own feelings of inadequacy in becoming a social media influencer. 


The first episode of Being Sofia, namely Pilot, was released last year on November 21. Since then, the company has released two more episodes titled, Ep 2: Cheers!, Ep 3: Three’s Company, and Ep 4: Friends. This coming-of-age story is a collaboration among four Ikarus company members.

Justin Ayran (as Dale), an Ikarus core member, is directing Being Sofia; and under his wings are newcomers Danielle Del Rosario (as Riley), Mary Dela Vega (as Sofia), and CJ Maramara (as Liam). Because the cast wrote and acted the series together, their performances fit perfectly with their playful subtexts during hard-hitting and wholesome moments. It also showed that staying true and being you–whatever awkward situations and bittersweet decisions may come–will leave the audience a genuine and lasting life lesson.

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