If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be the pope, this is the video game for you

pope simulator

Ever been curious about the kind of life the Pope leads? I’ve personally always wondered about just what he does up in the Vatican on the days he doesn’t come out onto his balcony to greet the people in St. Peter’s Square and all. What kinds of things do they do all day? Is there a secret papal cat they hang out with? I have so many questions.

Well, question no more! Pope Simulator is coming soon. Because the game is in first person, you are in the shoes of the Pope as he begins his job as the world’s largest religion’s leader, making decisions, greeting the faithful, and praying for the world. It’s a political strategy game that has you face the church’s modern problems head-on.

“You start the game on the conclave day – you choose your coat of arms, affecting the course of the pontificate, and your opportunities in the game, such as oratory skills or the strength of your own faith, which you can give to the crowd or through it, bless Units. However, every decision to interfere in the fate of the world comes at a price – with further actions you strengthen the faith of others, but you weaken yourself,” the description on Stream says.

You can check out more about it here!

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