If You Have to Try One Korean Dish, it’s the Bibimbap

Article by Therese Justine Bruel

Photos by Paolo Pareno

Bibimbap is among Korea’s most loved and enjoyed dishes. It’s so well-known that, even if you’re not so familiar with Korean culture, you’ve probably heard about this dish once before! Bibimbap literally means “mixed rice with assorted vegetables and meat,” so you know that you can make it fit your very own taste! But maybe you don’t have the time, or the ingredients, to make your very own bibimbap—does that mean you’re locked out of experiencing this part of Korean culture?

You don’t have to worry, because Bonchon has got your back! They’re bringing you your bibimbap fix while still letting you decide how YOU want to eat it!

With Bonchon’s Bibimbowls, you can choose how your bibimbap tastes!

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Are you into spicy food that tickles your taste buds, and makes your sweat buds work? Then, their Fiery Bibimbowl may be right up your alley! It’s not the kind of spice that makes you want to cry. It’s that mouth-tingling kind of spice that makes you blush—the kind of kick that’s just right!

Or are you the more adventurous sort? Why not try their Creamy Curry Bibimbowl? This fusion of Asian flavors is something you wouldn’t expect, but it sure does taste amazing! It’s sweet, savory, and creamy. And it’s got a little spice to keep you on your toes, too!

Or do you only stick to the original taste of bibimbap? Are you, maybe, a die-hard K-pop lover who only eats authentic Korean food? Or maybe you just haven’t tasted bibimbap yet? If so, you might want to try their Original Bibimbowl: a chance to taste bibimbap for the pure Korean goodness that it is!

And guess what—this isn’t where your choices end!

You can even choose what kind of meat you want in your Bibimbowl! You have a choice of seafood (which is actually Cream Dory, so those with shellfish allergies, rejoice!), beef, and, of course, chicken!

So get a change to experience Korea’s well-beloved dishes – with your own twist. Bonchon’s Bibimbowl is available in all Bonchon Branches for only P99 a la carte and P165, which comes with soup (jjampong or bulgogi) and a drink!

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