If Meteor Garden 2018 Were Set in the Philippines…

There’s a new Meteor Garden out, and we obviously couldn’t keep away from it. We’ve watched every version so far, after all, and had no plans leaving this one out. While watching, though, we asked ourselves one thing: what if ‘Meteor Garden 2018’ were set in the Philippines? Read on…

Some people would get mad because of all of the spoilers in the opening credits.

Shan Cai’s mom wouldn’t have laughed and cleaned her up when she spotted dirt on her face. She’d probably tell her off and say something like, “Kakacomputer mo yan eh.”

The palengke definitely wouldn’t look like this and wouldn’t be this clean. And Shan Cai would 100% be on her phone the whole time.

Their signature dish at home would definitely be adobo.

There is no way Shan Cai would have a bike. She’d walk or take a trike, a bus, or a jeep.

Shan Cai and her friend Xiao Yu wouldn’t be working part time at a tea shop. They’d probably be working at Jollibee.

Upon getting into her university of choice, her family would have made pa-blowout at Vikings (especially if she had just graduated coz they have a graduation offer nowadays).

The show would be shot at Enderun… just coz it’s pretty there.

There would definitely be some sort of love story brewing between Shan Cai and her best friend. His family would probably still have a banana factory, though.

There is no way F4 would be able to pull of those uniforms because of how hot it is here.

James Reid would 100% play Dao Ming Si.

Dao Ming Si would probably be wearing Jordans instead of crocodile leather shoes.

Instead of Bridge, they’d be playing Tong Its or Pusoy Dos.

Instead of tea, Ximen would probably be highly skilled in the world of latte art instead.

They’d still be playing basketball, though.

We’d like to see Daniel Padilla as Hua Ze Lei, please.

There is no way students in Manila would go to that staircase to take their photos. Dami-daming magandang location sa school niyo with better lighting, diyan pa kayo nagpicture sa dilim? Jusme.

When Dao Ming Si pushes Ate Girl at the stairs, there is no way he would’ve gotten away with just an angry Shan Cai. His face would have been splattered all over social media and a ton of angry people online would have ganged up on him.

And he definitely would not have gotten away with this!

And Hua Ze Lei would have probably taken a video of this before intervening, as well, to post it on social media and give them their just desserts afterwards.

Shan Cai wouldn’t have kicked Dao Ming Si in the face, either. She would’ve just slapped him in the face and walked out. …Or thrown balut at him.

All jokes aside, what do you think of the new Meteor Garden? Share your thoughts with us!

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