Idris Elba Says Kate Winslet Is The “Best Actress” He’s Ever Worked With

Who doesn’t love Idris Elba?

Idris Elba Kate Winslet

The dashing 45-year-old English actor (and our personal pick to play 007!) just gushed about Kate Winslet being one of the best actor’s he’s worked with, and we didn’t think it was possible to love him even more.

While there’s no doubt that Kate Winslet is one of this generation’s greatest actresses, to hear those words from Idris himself just makes it all the more special. Idris and Kate star together in the film The Mountain Between Us, a film about survival following a plane crash on a remote, snow-covered mountain. When Entertainment Weekly asked Idris on who’s the best actor he’s worked with, he answered with:

“I don’t want to offend anyone, but I think it’s a cross between Naomie Harris and Kate Winslet. Both of them are like pure deliverance in every single take.”

Meanwhile, Kate opened up about the “awkward” sex scene she shot with Idris, saying:

“Those scenes are really awkward — it doesn’t matter which way you look at it.”

Now that’s something to look forward to.

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