16 Ice Cream Shops in Manila That Deliver Right to Your Doorstep

As a certified ice cream enjoyer, I never let my freezer go empty of a tub that I can reach for at the end of a tiring workday. And with the many local shops around the Metro that can deliver delicious pints of our favorite flavors right to our doorsteps, there’s no end to discovering something new to love.

So here are 16 ice cream shops in Manila where you can order your next tub from whenever you need a pick-me-up!

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16. Puno’s Ice Cream and Sherbet


Puno’s Ice Cream has been around since the 1950s and prides itself on being Nueva Ecija’s Best Ice Cream. The Marikina branch is an authorized reseller that delivers anywhere within Metro Manila, Rizal, San Jose Del Monte, Cavite, and Laguna without ever compromising the quality.


15. Punzalan Ice Cream


Hailing all the way from Balayan, Batangas, Punzalan Ice Cream offers all a taste of their family recipe—all homemade and affordable! Some of the flavors they have include Avocado, Mango, Langka, Coffee Crumble, and Cheese which you can get in a pint, a liter, a half-gallon, or a gallon.


14. Geno’s Ice Cream

genos ice cream

Geno’s Ice Cream hails from Bataan and now delivers all over Metro Manila. They currently have 13 main flavors and a few seasonal flavors all made with natural ingredients without added preservatives. Opt for a gallon size, half-gallon, or a pint depending on your mood! Must-tries are the Taro, the Halo-Halo, the Buko Pandan, and the Plain Cheese.


13. The Fried Chicken Ice Cream

fried chicken ice cream

Yes, we know it looks like a bucket of fried chicken. And, nope, it really isn’t!

The Fried Chicken Ice Cream has gone viral online for blowing people away with its mind-boggling appearance. This frozen treat is as crispy and crunchy as it looks, and as creamy and sweet as it’s supposed to be! You can order it as a Trio Bucket, a Half Dozen Bucket, a Family Bucket of 12 pieces, or a Party Bucket of 18 pieces.


12. Ice Cream Of the Year

ice cream of the year

There’s probably a good reason why Ice Cream Of the Year’s brand name is such, but it’s up to us to discover why it is so by just indulging in its certified delicious Milk Cheese Ice Creams, which are just the right balance of salty and sweet!


11. Fruits In Ice Cream (FIC)

fic fruits in ice cream

FIC is well-loved by Filipinos over the past two decades for serving premium ice cream without any fillers or additives. Making use of fresh ingredients all the time, FIC guarantees purely just the good stuff in every tub. Must-tries are Cappuccino, Black Sesame, Raspberry, and Mango.


10. Hannah Sorbetes

hannah sorbetes

If you miss buying sorbetes on the street on a particularly hot afternoon at school, after work, or while strolling around the Metro, Hannah Sorbetes can bring that experience right to your home. The Sorbetes flavors are placed in big tubs and delivered with ice cream cones that will help you replicate the experience of eating dirty ice cream. Right now, available flavors that have are Ube, Cheese, Mango, Buko, Strawberry, and Avocado.


9. Sorveteria


Sorveteria makes its ice creams from scratch and in small batches to ensure quality and flavor. Because each pint is freshly churned and made to order, Sorveteria only has limited slots every week—so you better get your tub of joy ASAP! Currently, their menu consists of the following: Biscoff Caramel, Nutty or Nice (hot chocolate ice cream with peanut butter sauce, nuts, and torched mallows), and S’mores.


8. Papa Diddi’s

papa diddis

Papa Diddi’s was founded by a father who, for the love of his children, made his own hand-churned ice cream. Now, the brand proudly creates these small-batch handcrafted ice cream using fresh carabao milk and select produce from local farming communities for Filipinos all over the country! Choose among its different flavors, from well-loved classics to coffee-based flavors, from seasonal fruit flavors to booze-infused treats.


7. Ambassador’s


Here’s an ice cream made for vegans! Ambassador’s Ice Cream makes its cool treats dairy-free, cholesterol-free, and 100% plant-based so you can indulge without the guilt. They even show you the calorie count per flavor on their Instagram page so you can accommodate this dessert into your daily diet! Must-tries are Golden Milk with vegan cookie dough, Malagos Mudpie, and Tsokolate Tablea!


6. Carmen’s Best

carmens best

Carmen’s Best offers premium artisanal ice cream in a pint-sized tub—all of them homemade and absolutely divine on the taste buds! Find your usual ice cream flavors like Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road, and Salted Caramel, but don’t miss out on their unique flavors such as I Love You S’mores!, He’s Not Worth It (dark chocolate mixed with toasted nuts, cookies, and caramel fudge), and Brown Butter Almond Brittle.


5. Sebastian’s


Sebastian’s has made a name for itself over the years for having artisanal ice cream flavors that may raise some eyebrows but never fail to impress with the taste. Such flavors include Ginataang Halo-Halo, Sapin-Sapin, Champorado & Dilis, and Green Mango & Bagoong. Trust me, don’t knock it ‘til you try it!


4. The Dairy Grind

dairy grind

With The Dairy Grind, you can satisfy your cravings with premium craft ice cream that can either be ready-made or customized with your choice of base flavor and toppings. Some of the unique ready-made flavors they have are Chocnut, Corn Flakes Cereal Milk, Butterbeer, and Unicorn Fart, all of which you can get in pints, half-gallons, or gallons.


3. Kurimu

kurimu ph

Kurimu PH has made waves across the Metro for its delicious premium ice cream inspired by well-loved Japanese flavors. This dessert store which only launched during the pandemic has become an instant favorite for its interesting flavor combinations such as Yuzu Toasted Rice, Red Bean, and Shoyu Caramel, as well as its experimental offerings like the all-new Strawberry Glow—the country’s first collagen ice cream made in collaboration with Japanese cosmetic company, Shiseido!


2. Alt Scoops

alt scoops

Alt Scoops prides itself in making guiltless ice creams that are low-calorie and dairy-free. Their cool treats are created with oat milk and their flavors are so unique that you’ll honestly want to try them all. Some of the flavors they have are Banana Foster, Cookie Butter, Oat Milk Swirl, and Cappuccino Crunch.


1. Merry Moo

merry moo

Indulging in a pint of Merry Moo’s ice cream will definitely put you in a merry mood and with good reason: the brand only makes its cool treats with locally sourced ingredients plus fresh milk and cream from cows that roam freely in local, green pastures. For them, happy cows make the best dairy, and we can’t help but agree! Must-tries are their Horlicks – Malted Milk, Cheesy Mamon, Milo, and their Pinoy Sorbetes Bundle!


Did we miss your favorite ice cream shop? Comment below!

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