iBUILD 2017: Connecting Builders of Nations

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Infrastructure is a sign of progress. To build things like houses, roads, bridges, buildings, and other developments are fusions of excellent professionals from a variety of industries such as architecture, construction, engineers, technicians, etc. So much effort and talent are needed to make something stand; also, because lives are at stake.

Standards have to be as high as they can possibly can, especially in a disaster-prone country like the Philippines. This is so that when disaster strikes, lives will be protected from harm. A collaboration of the different parts of the building industry is crucial so that the best possible work can be created.

iBUILD, an international building, construction, and technology expo, which will take place from July 19–22, 2017, at the World Trade Center, Manila, is bound to a highlight in the year for professionals and businesses in the building industry.

With the objective to innovate, educate, and integrate, it will be a meeting point of various industry leaders and players, both in the international and local scene, to learn, build connections, and generate clients, thus resulting in growth in both knowledge and actual business.

The event will play host to a string of activities including a full-scale building and construction show and seminars for both business owners and practitioners. For exhibitors, there will be a digital retrieval of the people who register in their booth.

The event is brought to life by !EVENTS under Republik Brand Communications

To know about iBUILD 2017, visit https://ieventsorg.com or call 412 1637. For those who want to be exhibitors or visitors, you may also visit the said site to apply!

By working together, we can build strong structures all over the world.


Who should participate?

  1. Building Technology
  2. Green Architecture and Technologies
  3. Plumbing & Pumps
  4. Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning’
  5. Interior Design & Construction
  6. Asphalt Production & Paving
  7. Concrete Construction & Manufacturing
  8. Earthmoving Equipment & Material Handling
  9. Engines, Components & Electronics
  10. Foundation Equipment & Lifting (Aerial & Cranes)
  11. Trucking, Hauling & Heavy Equipment
  12. Information Technology & Business Solutions
  13. Land Clearing & Maintenance of Way
  14. Premises and Building Technology
  15. Construction Services & Publications
  16. First Aid Services and Emergency Devices and Equipment
  17. Retail Equipment & Consumer Goods
  18. Safety, Testing and Traffic Equipment
  19. Associations & Organizations
  20. Country Pavilion Showcase

Who should attend?

  1. HR heads and Staff
  2. Architects
  3. Engineers
  4. Industrial Designers
  5. General Contractors and Sub-Contractors
  6. Procurement Officers and Staff
  7. Business Development Managers
  8. Product Managers
  9. R&D and Technicians
  10. QA Managers and Staff
  11. Real Estate Professionals
  12. Heavy Equipment Operators
  13. Local Municipality Delegations
  14. Government Officials
  15. International Trade Delegations