Ibarra Watches Each Tell a Story of Filipino History

Ibarra Watches is known for their meticulously-crafted products. While they should be commended for their attention to detail and passion in creating watches, the story behind each item what makes each one even more special.

Each watch has a story about Filipino history that shaped what the country is today – a story that we, as Filipinos, can take pride in. Plaridel, Salvador, and Mariano are Ibarra Watches collections that have an inspiring and interesting background.

The saying goes: “behind every successful man is a woman.” This is why Ibarra Watches has finally launched a line for women called Rivera and when paired with their classic Rizal watches, it also becomes their first collection for couples.

The Rivera Collection is inspired by Leonor Rivera, a woman known to be one of Jose Rizal’s lovers. Some may question her relevance based on our textbooks, but accounts reveal that Rivera was more to Rizal than just that. This discovery is what Ibarra Watches seeks to share with their latest collection.

“All accounts lead to the conclusion that Leonor Rivera was really Rizal’s one great love. He courted her for 11 years and mourned her marriage and eventual death probably more than the many tragedies of his short life,” explains Nico Moreno, CEO of Ibarra Watches. “I honestly think they would’ve made an amazing power couple, so we decided to try and see what that would have looked like if it did happen.”

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To bring justice to this, the Rivera was released to represent the modern Filipina. As special as she was to our national hero, so will this collection be. Quality timepieces will be produced in seven different color patterns to bring diversity and equal representation to the male-dominated watch market. They will come with a 29mm case housing a Quartz movement.

The Rivera Collection is a powerful statement to represent Filipinas.

On the other hand, the new Rizal model will come with an automatic movement. Similar to Ibarra’s earlier automatic watches, the new Rizal model will house a Miyota movement, which is also used by Japanese watchmakers such as Citizen. The watch features a flat sapphire crystal, a steel bracelet, and a fluted bezel, all meant to leave a sparkle on the wrist of the wearer. The date window display also adds functionality to the timepiece.

Individually, the Rizal and the Rivera each has their own story to tell. Together, they prove to be even more stunningly stylish by exhibiting romance and sophistication.

Whatever design you choose, it’s bound to be the perfect symbol of a timeless love story that can be written as one of history’s greatest. Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera didn’t get the ending that they wanted, but you and your significant other can.

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