iACADEMY’s Game Changing Take on Online Events

   “When you dare to go beyond, it inspires you to COMMIT.” said by the Dean Noel Sergio in his welcome remarks. And that is exactly what the students of business of iACADEMY did. They showed what it means to go BEYOND! 


The most awaited event of the season surely lived up to its hype by showing its success in numbers. People booked, secured their seats, and stayed for the ride. It’s been a while since WONDER Airlines launched Flight 071721 on July 17, 2021, and people are still talking about it!


To call this event a success is an understatement; WONDER: Courage To Go Beyond was phenomenal. The experience was a thrilling adventure that kept people at the edge of their seats. The speakers shared WONDERful insights, and the energy was so infectious that the online barrier did not seem to be a problem! This event was top notch, and the concept was out of the box, well thought out, and it transpired through every collateral shown to the audience! 

iACADEMY continues to raise the bar as their business students show the world how to create events that are meant to be remembered. It was out of the box, bold, different and was definitely worth coming to. 


  WONDER: Courage To Go Beyond held a two and half hour webinar that shared the insights and experiences of four powerhouse speakers. Each speaker came from a different background, with their own journeys of ups and downs before they became the people they are today, speaking at the webinar.

“Success is a long journey, not a single perfect leap of fate.” -Jan Trinidad

The webinar started with Jan Trinidad, a young direct response copywriter who explained the difficult process of trial and error while discovering herself along with her purpose. At 23 years old with almost a decade of work experience, she shared that the world is full of possibilities (she would know; she really tried a lot of business ventures before becoming a copywriter!). 


“Know yourself, make mistakes, and find your purpose.” – Jan Trinidad
But from here, Jan expressed how she found that her trial and error journey is what paved the way to bring her to become the successful woman she is today. Still learning to maintain that purpose and that goal she has discovered, Jan also encouraged the audience to do the same, since any success is a long journey.

For passion to thrive, it needs structure.”  – John Teodosio


A passionate film and story teller, Mr. John Teodosio is a brand specialist driven to provide advertising and branding solutions to modern enterprises. Built by experience and the passion for creation, John found his way to turn vision into tangible conversions. This is where he found that “we are made to put a dent in the universe” in our own unique ways and passions.


“Make sure that what interests you doesn’t break your principles.” – John Teodosio


John provided some tips and tricks to future marketers with careful reminders that it takes good research to build up one’s knowledge and become successful in life. He also stressed the importance of having fun while going through the process of our own individual journeys.

wonder 4
“Mistakes will help you know yourself” -Justine Lustre

iACADEMY’s very own Justine Lustre is a notable and well-known School of Business and Liberal Arts educator on and off campus, and for good reason too! Justine shared some pro tips on how to take on leadership roles, as well as how to sharpen leadership skills. From experience within the academe and his own personal journey, Justine emphasizes how grades do not define a person, especially in the practical world.

From self discovery to keeping passion alive, to learning how to stand out in a world of leaders and achievers, Justine shows his great hope and support in the future generation of leaders and learners alike.


“Working hard, partying later.” – Reghis Romero IV


In line with learning how to stand out in a saturated world of people trying to stand out themselves, Mr. Reghis Romero IV is one of the brilliant minded visionaries who discovered the value of hardwork and building meaningful relationships in order to have the right mindset of a successful CEO. 


Reghis is a risk-taker, as he tells young and striving entrepreneurs to be prepared for the future by taking calculated risks and to expect shortcomings in the business world and knowing how to fix them if needed – like a missing puzzle.

iACADEMY continues to raise the bar as their business students show the world how to create events that are meant to be remembered. It was out of the box, bold, different and was definitely worth coming to. We are sure that everyone who took the trip with WONDER walked out of that event inspired and ready to go beyond, wherever that may lead them to change the game.

Till our next flight, Wonderers!