iACADEMY celebrates Arts in Many Forms

When in Manila, who would have thought that in the business district of Makati, there is a school that promises the future of technology for the country? I wouldn’t. But apparently there is!

iACADEMY is situated at the heart of Ayala, Makati City. It has high-end facilities, dynamic student programs and services that hone their students to be competitive professionals-the latest of which is their Arts and English week.

Together, the arts and English departments of iACADEMY joined efforts and came up with an event to celebrate its 10th year anniversary, its theme “Art in many forms: The grand festival of literature, animation and multimedia arts.”




Yes, you’ve read that right. iACADEMY features a festival in appreciation of multimedia arts, the classic and modern way. Savvy, aye? Below are a few of the art exhibits that is presented in the hallways of the institution.












I’ve spoken with Christopher Yrigan, Animation Chairperson of iACADEMY and discussed a few things about what animation as an art means for us, at large. He said, “We are producing good quality materials but there is still room for improvement. This is due to the limited budget that we have here. The animation industry in the Philippines is very promising compared to other countries. I believe this is because; we have been a pioneer in this industry already.”

 In the appreciation of arts and its many forms, surely we won’t be able to stop the rapid progress and development especially in today’s time. But I read something off the walls of this institution that makes sense. It reads, “For me, as an artist, it’s not about being the greatest; it’s about how you learn and enjoy making the most out of it…then share it with others” –Camille Pelingon, A11 student.



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iACADEMY celebrates Arts in Many Forms


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