I Went to a Chicken Farm and Here is What Happened

I’ve always wondered why we never run out of chicken. I mean, we eat chicken everyday: fried Chicken, afritada, chicken curry, roasted chicken… I could go on and on about the chicken we eat everyday, but have you ever wondered why we never run out of them?

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Almost all chicken farms that supplywith chicken Metro Manila are located in nearby provinces like Tarlac, Pampanga, Batangas, and Cavite. These provinces are near Metro Manila and have enough land to house chickens. Wheninmanila.com went to one of the Philippines’ key cities, Davao, to see the demand and supply there. There are also farms in the same province and we will able to see the process and how all of it works.

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There are different chicken farms and poultry companies in Davao. Though the major supplier there is Bounty Agro, there are also smaller businesses in the industry.

Bounty, like Grab, Uber, and Netflix, doesn’t own any farms. All the farms that supply their chickens are outsourced. The company supplies chicks, feeds, and support to farmers and they are the ones who grow and harvest them. There are multiple farms in Davao under this company.

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I have to be honest. When I visited the farm, I felt bad knowing that the chickens would be slaughtered in a few days. The ones that I got to check out was the one at 24 days, meaning they would be harvested in 2 days after the 26-day cycle is complete.

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I know what you’re thinking: why do the chickens look like that? Unlike the mutant chicken photos that went viral online, these chickens seem normal except for the fact that they lack feathers. According to Bounty veterinarians, the chickens use vitamins to grow in size and lack in feathers.

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After the cycle, the chickens are harvested and taken to the slaughterhouse. We didn’t go there, so we were not able to see the process . The poultry is then taken to the markets or the stores where the chickens are sold.

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This is one of the biggest chicken suppliers in Davao. This stall in Bangkerohan Market is one of the biggest chicken suppliers in Davao City. I stood there for a while and saw how fast they sold their products. They actually had to keep refilling their products over and over.

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We then went to Uling Roasters and Chooks to Go branches to try the chicken. I know: after visiting a chicken farm, it can be unappetizing to eat chicken, but I tasted the difference that comes with eating fresh poultry.

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So the cycle goes round and round until the products reach the consumers. The supply of chicken never runs out because of the hardworking farmers that make sure that their products reach every home. Bounty Agro, on the other hand, makes sure that we enjoy quality products that are easy to find whether in their roasters or in markets all around the Philippines.

One question still remains, though: what came first – the chicken or the egg?

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