I Tried to Find Balance

Finding the right balance between career, social life, health, and love can be one of the hardest things to do. It’s time-consuming and it can be a headache.

The past few weeks have been really busy at work, your friends want to go out, your significant other wants to spend time with you, you’re about to get the flu that’s going around and you just can’t find the perfect balance on how to manage all of this.

“Let go”, i told myself, I’ve been feeling a little bit on edge and I knew I needed time to breathe.

The next thing I know, I was driving to the nearest beach.

I was completely unplugged. I left my mobile phone in the car, sat by the beach and just soaked it all in. I realized that you have to take care of yourself first. You should be able to relax to balance everything, you can’t find peace if your mind is in chaos.

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After a day of unwinding, I drove back to Manila. I honestly felt brand new and a little breather was what I needed. I didn’t want to stop there, I wanted to continue working on myself. Luckily, my friends over at Ford Philippines invited me to have a Barre3 class. I tried it before and I loved it, I just didn’t have time to continue. But this is a start.

Though the workout seems quite simple, Barre3 can be difficult for your lower body since it targets your core, legs, butt and also your arms. The poses that you have to hold for a long time helps you strengthen your body.

Barre3 can be your regular workout and can be done daily or maybe at least 3 times a week. It is a great alternative if you don’t like carrying heavy equipments, has injury or wants a workout that is calm and relaxing.

How about you? What do you do to relax and how do you find balance? Share it with us in the comments section below!

Special thanks to Ford Philippines!

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