I Tried the Popular Japanese Probiotic Supplement Health Aid Bifina—Here’s What Happened

Words and photos by Zoie Sy

Probiotics are essential in our everyday lives, especially when we want to take better care of our body and give it that extra boost it may need. In Japan, a country where health is a top priority for families, many of them really depend on probiotics supplements to keep their health in check.

Health Aid Bifina is a popular probiotics brand that has gained the trust and loyalty of Japanese households for over 100 years now.  The brand is already present in other Southeast Asian countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand, but now, it’s finally in the Philippines too!

VPharma Feb 2019 429The Health Aid Bifina S and Health Aid Bifina R

I wanted to find out what the hype is about, so I got my own box of Health Aid Bifina. I did some research too and found out a few amazing things about probiotics!

First of all, Health Aid Bifina is said to be rich in Bifidobacterium Longum, which can reportedly aid in improving gut flora. And this is beneficial because having a healthy gut contributes to our overall well-being, providing us with a strong immune system, a healthy heart, and a healthy digestive system.

Probiotics also help in increasing metabolism, according to studies. Our metabolism helps us think, breathe, and circulate healthy blood for us to maintain a good lifestyle. And maintaining a good metabolism can lend a helping hand in going through our daily routines with ease, and keeping us alert and mentally healthy in the process.

Most of us nowadays live our lives revolving around the hustle and bustle of society, and we tend to put more focus on work, setting aside our own health. So that is where supplements like Health Aid Bifina come in, providing answers for stress management, healthier living, or a better immune system in general.

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bifina 4The Health Aid Bifina S and Health Aid Bifina R packets

Health Aid Bifina comes in two forms—the Health Aid Bifina R and Health Aid Bifina S. The product comes in little packets, so you can bring these anywhere and take them anytime.

When you open the packet, you’ll see some small white capsules that look like grains of rice. There are also some yellow capsules that are bigger and rounder in shape. It’s easy to consume since you just have to take it with water without needing to chew them.

bifina 2Capsules inside one packet

After trying the Health Aid Bifina S for a week, my gut and digestion did feel better! I also noticed that I’ve been feeling livelier than before. And, if you’re concerned this probiotic might taste like medicine, I can tell you that it won’t. In fact, it has a mild lemon taste that is actually pleasant.

After all the stress of work or school life and having to endure hours of traffic and commuting, it’s important to give some attention to our health. We go through a lot on the daily, so it’s just right that we give our body the proper care it needs. Investing in good probiotics (like the Japanese) is a good step towards that direction.

So if you’re wondering why the Japanese are known to be healthy people and are known to have long life-spans, I guess the answer is in their gut. Try out Health Aid Bifina as well and let us know how it works for you!

Have you tried Health Aid Bifina before? What were its benefits that you observed? Tell us in the comments!

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