I Tried Shiseido’s Signature Cryo Facial for the First Time

It’s a common misconception that those fresh out of their teens don’t need to bother with anti-aging products and procedures. In fact, experts recommend that you use them as early as your 20s as they’re more effective in slowing down the aging process of your skin before the signs become visible. As the adage goes, “prevention is better than cure”!

Now that I’m in my late 20s, I can already pinpoint problems I have with my face: an oily T-zone, blackheads on the nose, red and irritated skin when it gets too hot, dark circles under my eyes, and a couple of pimples dotted around my forehead. I knew that it was vital that I start paying much closer attention to my skin and taking better care of it. So when I was given the opportunity to pamper myself with a cryo facial treatment at a store of a global beauty brand that’s known for its anti-aging solutions, I definitely went for it!

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Shiseido, a prestigious Japanese beauty brand keen on creating beauty for a better world, is probably one if not the only one I know of that provides facial treatments inside their (select) stores. Usually, we would walk into beauty stores for an express makeover, so imagine my surprise when I learned that Shiseido offered this unique service to all its customers!

Before choosing which type of treatment I was going to take, I first took the liberty of exploring the amazing technology they had in the store. These digital innovations are actually new additions to Shiseido’s revamped branch that I visited in Greenbelt 5. First is the Shiseido “RESET” which scanned my face and gave a visualization of my state of mind at the time. (I was told that my mind was in a “heightened state”—accurate!) After that, it encouraged me to meditate for a few seconds by dispensing a drop of Shiseido’s best-selling antioxidant face serum, the Ultimune Power Infusing Serum, onto my hand and asking me to breathe in its relaxing aroma. I loved this because it was a reminder that we should take care of our beauty within, not just on the outside.

shiseido reset

The next technology I tried was the Skin Visualizer, a touch-free tool that measured and analyzed my skin condition via a selfie before recommending skincare products to add to my daily regimen.

Other devices you can try are the DigiSkin Tester, where you can find the product you need without having to communicate with the sales staff (perfect for introverts like me!), and the Virtual Makeup Try-On, which is a pretty ingenious way of seeing whether a specific makeup product or look would suit you before buying it.

shiseido skin visualizer

shiseido lux products

shiseido products

Finally knowing for sure what my skin desperately needs, I decided that I was ready for my facial. There are three facial treatments you can choose from: the Defend & Regenerate Signature Facial, the Yutaka Signature Facial, and the V-Lift Cryo Facial. I ended up choosing the last option as I was curious to know what a cryo treatment felt like!

The facial lasted for only an hour, with the esthetician informing me of all the products she used in every step of the procedure which included products from their ultra-luxurious skincare line, Future Solution LX, and the Ultimune Power Infusing Serum. I particularly loved how the esthetician massaged my face with circular strokes and upward motions to really help lift the skin naturally. Part of the treatment was also a completely non-invasive removal of dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads with a pore vacuum. No pricking or extraction involved! After all that, I was given a hydrating sheet mask that stayed on for 10 minutes (which, to some, may be the perfect time to take a quick nap!)

shiseido cryo facial room

But the main event was the cryo facial—that is, a freezing therapy where a very cold tool is massaged all over the face for several minutes—which is said to have lifting, brightening, pore tightening, and energizing benefits. Despite the chill, it’s actually relaxing! It isn’t so cold that it burns the skin; to me, it’s like gliding a stainless steel facial massager over the cheeks, jawline, and forehead.

shiseido cryo facial 1

shiseido cryo facial 2

The result

I waited until the day after to closely check how my face looked after my treatment at Shiseido. I can confidently say that my skin visibly had fewer impurities and wasn’t as dehydrated as it had been prior to my facial. Though I believe that it may take a few more sessions for me to see just how much my skin has improved, Shiseido’s facials are a great value for money when you want your face to feel refreshed and rejuvenated prior to a big event or after a particularly stressful day, with the added benefit of experiencing the brand’s best and most luxurious anti-aging products.

If a super cold treatment isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt for the Yutaka Signature Facial instead which makes use of hot stones. Otherwise, even the simple Defend & Regenerate facial treatment can grant you that much-needed youthful glow.

Take note that you’ll need to pre-book your appointment online or in-store. Also, you can enjoy much more benefits—such as exclusive vouchers, gifts, and discounts—if you’re a Camellia Club member which you can sign up for, for free!

Are you interested to try out any of Shiseido’s facial treatments or any of their digital beauty innovations soon? Let us know down in the comments section.

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