“I Told You I’d Do It”: UFC Champion Leon ”Rocky” Edwards After Last-Minute Win Over Kamaru Usman

Leon “Rocky” Edwards just claimed the world title after knocking out Kamaru Usman a minute before the match ended. This win shocked viewers of the main event of UFC 278.

According to a report by CBS Sports, Edwards was far from building any kind of momentum in the previous rounds. Usman “took over the fight” and “seemed [to be] on his way to yet another title defense as he neared Anderson da Silva’s record for [the longest title reign] of all time.” Even though Usman’s pace slowed in Round 5, the fight was leaning towards a unanimous-decision win for the champ.

Edwards, who appeared crushed in his corner, was begged by his team to come to life in the final round. To everyone’s surprise, he came through by throwing a right jab and a left head kick that knocked out Usman literally in the last minute of the match.

Afterward, ESPN caught Edwards on tape FaceTiming with his mom while carrying his UFC championship belt. “I told you, mom. I told you I’d do it,” he burst into tears while telling his mom. Watch the heartwarming moment below!


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