I Saw Donald Trump at PETA Theater

Article by Mari Lorica

With the upcoming elections in 2019, it is important to know what the truth is and what fake news is. After reading a headline, identifying fake news is as easy as simply reading the full article.

In my case, I watched renowned comedian Jon Santos impersonating Donald Trump.


The Philippine Education Theater Association (PETA) in Quezon City presented “Trumperte” which launched last October 26 to 27 as part of PETA’s “Stage of the Nation” season lineup. The one-weekend show is a piece performed by Jon himself, which he co-wrote with Enrico Santos and Joel Mercado. The political satire takes on relevant social issues focusing mostly on Philippine politics.


The live comedy was intriguing to watch and enticing to listen to as the show reflects the current politics within our country. With the continuous funny, interactive banter with the audience and the witty and lively talent of Jon Santos, there was never a dull moment in each of the segments.


Jon does his hysterically funny impressions of several top political and influential personalities, notably Donald Trump and Duterte, and he captures the audience’s attention not only with the hilarious jokes but also more importantly, capturing the essence of why it is relevant, all within one night.

As he mentions, comedy is political and it is important to believe in the truth. His last bit focused on the importance of laughter and how Mr. Santos was glad that supporting this show can be a form of healing from the serious issues happening. I can attest that the primarily goal of laughing at how timely the jokes are while still thinking about the happenings to our country was certainly achieved by the means of the superb performance and incredible delivery of Jon.

He emphasizes the importance of how this satire could still be used to encourage people to still know what is right and wrong and how the political parody can be used as hope for this matter.

Trumperte was first presented at Teatrino in Greenhills last September 22 directed by Michael Williams.