HYBRID: Over Ecstasy

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Are you ready for the most euphoric night of your life? Get ready, as the Junior Philippine Economics Society, in partnership with Jose Cuervo, unravels HYBRID: OVER ECSTASY!

One major event of the JPES is its annual launch party – HYBRID. To celebrate the third anniversary of Hybrid this November 21, 2015, the team is planning hard to level it up! The venue will be in Manila Ocean Park Liquid Pool and Lounge and we are expecting massive group of 400-600 attendees.

Why “Hybrid”? Although the target audience of the event is its member organizations, the party is open to everyone and not limited to JPES. Last year, over 300+ people have attended and partied with us in World Trade Exchange, Manila. The name attempts to deliver that not only Economics students are welcomed but also students from different degrees, alumni, and people just looking for fun.

Through the launch party, JPES aims to celebrate the upcoming year and events of JPES by having a kick-off. Its mission is to unite all of the college students all over the Philippines, be it Economics major or not, and to give them an unforgettable party – a once a year trance-like experience. It attempts to make a mark, with JPES’ name, as one of the most successful and extravagant events planned and executed by college national organization.

The theme of this year’s HYBRID is OVER ECSTASY. Filled with ecstatic music and lively DJs the party attempts to give the feeling of being high without the use of anything illegal and to give a good time with just great music, company, and gimmick.

Catch our host Victor Pring plus DJ battles and performances from Pioneer’s elite DJs: DJ Lucio Pua and DJ Ace Ramos. Witness the feeling of true elation!

Part of the proceeds of the party will go to JPES’ beneficiary. For more details, check us out at facebook.com/theJPES and follow us on Twitter @theJPES.

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