Hungry Sumo: Taiwanese Flavors in Sumo Servings

Hungy Sumo

Bang for the buck is a term loved by us Filipinos when it comes to travel, gadgets, and especially food! Hungry Sumo gives just that, a bang for your buck. Located along NS Amoranto Sr. Ave corner Banawe street in Quezon City, diners will be treated with an eclectic mix of Taiwanese flavors in sumo-sized servings!

Hungy Sumo 2

We were treated with a set of decently sized crispy Sharks Fin siomai that can easily feed two people or one very hungry dude. Driving all the way from Makati, I easily gobbled two up. The sweet and sour sauce really gave it a zing. Not bad for PHP 80.

Hungy Sumo

Hungry Sumo is quite known for their chicken steaks and pork chops. The Barbecue Chicken Steak,  breaded with their own secret recipe that gives of that Taiwanese street food flavor, is a homage to a quite famous chicken joint near the top universities and colleges in Taft Avenue in Manila. And for only PHP 90.00, it easily became one of the best sellers!

Hungy Sumo

I love curry and it was a good thing that they have that, too! Accompanied by not one but two chicken steaks (hence sumo!) that is slathered with rich Japanese curry enough to make my mouth water. This dish easily filled me up for only PHP175.00.

 Hungy Sumo

How about two portions of pork chop sprinkled heavily with cheddar cheese on top? Two plate-sized pork chops that fulfill the promise of the “Everything so tender, so juicy, so satisfying” credo of Hungry Sumo. The Sumo Cheesy Pork Chop fits the bill at only PHP175.00.

Hungy Sumo

We were also advised to slow down a bit since there was one more dish to try, the Crispy Fish Fillet Sandwich. This Fish fillet with their secret breading gave the sandwich a unique taste. I was told that it is also one of their bestsellers, and I could understand why. For PHP 135.00 and a side of fries, why wouldn’t it be?

Hungy Sumo

Taiwanese street food would not be complete without some form of drink, and being the home of the “Bubble Tea” and other concoctions, Hungry Sumo also have their inspired drinks. You can have Iced Mocha, Choco Mint, Dark Chocolate, Taro, and Wintermelon either as an Iced Cooler (PHP 70.00), with Rock Salt (PHP 90.00) or as Float (PHP 120.00)! I highly suggest getting the dark chocolate float because of the deep dark chocolatey taste that is balanced out with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Top tip: The drinks are PHP 20.00 off for every purchase of a meal!

Banawe Street is not just a known as a place when you can get car parts, it is foodie place as well that existed from the time of our fathers and their father’s fathers. So maybe after looking for that alternator or having your car’s speakers installed, drop by the Hungry Sumo for some Sumo sized servings with a flavor of Taiwan.

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Hungry Sumo

592-A NS Amoranto Sr. Ave, cor. Banawe St., Quezon City
Telephone: +63 2 359 4559