Hugot Cafe: Where You Can Hugot All You Want

People say that the rainy season is emo season. Well, we found just the right spot where you can do all of your #HugotSaTagulan

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We were looking for a place where there’s good food, a cozy ambiance and nice people to hang out with when we found Hugot Cafe at the heart of Tondo, Manila. Whether you believe in #WalangForever or just want to hang out with your friends for some good vibes hugot, this is the right place for you.

Hugot all you want at Hugot Cafe07

Hugot Cafe is located at the second floor of XRC Building, 3702 Hermosa corner Limay street, Tondo, Manila.

Hugot all you want at Hugot Cafe30

Hugot Cafe has only been operating for around two months so far, but people are already lining up for it.

Hugot all you want at Hugot Cafe20

You can visit them starting at 1pm everyday.

Hugot all you want at Hugot Cafe16

The store closes at 10pm.

You may come across a bunch of people who have a lot of hugot during the weekends, but it’s open mic on Sundays at 5pm that you don’t want to miss. This is when they let people take the mic and read their hugot poems out loud.

Hugot all you want at Hugot Cafe24

This corner turns into a mini-stage on Sundays.

Hugot all you want at Hugot Cafe17

If you’re not confident enough to read your hugot out loud, you can write it and post it on their wall instead.

Hugot all you want at Hugot Cafe26

They choose the best hugot lines where people can easily see and read it. I know the feels!

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