HUGOT ALERT: Award-winning female artist Sabu releases new single about a love that faded away

Recently bagging the Awit Awards “Grammy’s of the Philippines”- 2018’s Favorite New Female Artist, Sabu is excited to release her newest single, KPLI.

Before releasing music, Sabu was a food and movie critic for a lifestyle app of one of the biggest telcos in the Philippines. In August 2017, she decided to leave her day job to pursue music full time, and in less than a year, she’s been recognized, nominated, and awarded for the original music she’s shared. 


Her debut single “Walk Alone” won Sabu her first Awit Award in 2018.  “Tulog Na,” immediately filled up the top spot at the Philippines Viral 50 playlist and now has over 3.5 Million streams on Spotify. “Validation” is nominated as Best Folk Recording at the 2019 Awit Awards. Her most recent release, “Glances” was used in the Ulan movie (starring Nadine Lustre & Carlo Aquino) soundtrack. 


By now, it’s been proven that every song Sabu writes and releases is an award-winning hit. Everyone’s been waiting for the next single and wondering what genre it could be this time.

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KPLI stands for Kung Pwede Lang Ibalik. After releasing viral singles one after one another, Sabu decided it was about time for a classic rock song- a banger. KPLI talks about a love that faded away and how confusing that can be to the helpless one whose love never changed.

When you realize you can’t go back to the past or control what happens in the future,

how do you cope with finding out the love of your life doesn’t love you anymore? Will you ever stop hoping they’d come back?

“KPLI” will hit you in the feels as you realize you can’t go back in time or fast forward to the future. The present is all we have. Listen to this banger on Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes! Like SaBu’s official Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram for updates on her hot new releases, gig schedules, and other highlights.