Huge Rock ‘Falls’ on Moving Car Along C5

In the past, we have reported about “falling” rocks that hit cars driving along EDSA. It was an alleged modus operandi that has been occurring in Quezon Ave.

Recently, a similar incident happened along C5.

According to Alvin Binag’s post on Facebook:

Grabe! Mala-Final destination yun ah.. tagustagusan.. Thanks Lord for keeping us safe.. astig k tlga..

Ingat po sa mga nadaan ng C5 phase 2 (2nd overpass from market southbound).. around 3am akala nmin tatawid lng tas nung malapit n kmi, bigla kming binato sa harapan at hndi lng bsta bato, yung purong cement na mabigat at full swing pa pgkabato.. manong po bumato smin around mid 30’s at my ksmang maliit n mukang adik.. 5 po kming nkasakay, miracle nlng tlga na inilagan nung bato mga face nmin at tumama yung bato straight s windshield s likod.. Thank God tlga 1000000000000x..

Share nyo po pra aware mga nadaan s C5.. ingat po s lahat..

Car model: Toyota Fortuner
Driver: Levi Binag

Basically, they were driving along C5 and in the area near the second overpass from Market! Market! southbound, a man threw a huge rock at them, hitting the car’s windshield and damaging it. Good thing that no one was hurt but the car was severely damaged.

He also posted a photo of their damaged car.

Rock on Car C5 (1)

In the comments, he posted a clearer photo of the rock that hit their car.

Rock on Car C5 (2)

This is disappointing. It’s good that no one was hurt but can’t anyone apprehend those who are doing this. This is costly to get fixed and aside from that, incidents like this one puts people’s safety at risk.

How can we solve this problem? What road safety tips can you share?