HUAWEI nova 7 SE 5G: the 1st Affordable 5G smartphone at only P19,990!

Finally, the long wait is over! 5G is coming in the Philippines in the 2nd half of 2020!

Truth is, there is now 5G in selected areas in the metro, but our network providers are working triple time to offer 5G in more and more areas ASAP. Early this year, I already did a speed test in BGC area before the quarantine and a few days ago, I discovered that my area here in Cubao now has 5G powered by SMART.

My topic for this week is all about 5G and I’ll be introducing to you the HUAWEI nova 7 SE 5G: the 1st affordable 5G enabled smartphone at only P19,990 so you can experience the power of 5G without breaking the bank.

FACT:  YOU DO NOT NEED to change your contact numbers or SIM card to upgrade to 5G, but you have to upgrade your phone to a 5G enabled-smartphone first.

Current 4G


Why upgrade to a 5G enabled smartphone like the nova 7 SE 5G?

5G is inevitable and the 5G era is already upon us. So, if you’re planning to buy a new smartphone this year, I highly recommend you consider buying a 5G enabled smartphone like the HUAWEI nova 7 SE 5G for the ff reasons:

  1. Game like a PRO!

Experience mobile gaming performance like never before. Game like the pros do! Like in my case, I was never hooked on Mobile Legends until I tried playing on 5G with the nova 7 SE 5G! I even quickly ranked-up and often became MVP, and got Legendary and Maniac recognitions after every game. These are the things which I never experienced before. I love the smooth resolution and experience zero lag. 5G rocks!! The graphic processing unit (GPU) used in HUAWEI nova 7 SE 5G offers excellent image processing that accommodates large 3D games, enabling high picture quality and a smooth gaming experience. If you love mobile games, then do yourself a favor and upgrade to this right away. You won’t regret it!

  1. Upload photos, files, videos like Crazy!

With 5G-enabled HUAWEI nova 7 and HUAWEI nova 7 SE 5G, you’ll be able to quickly upload, transfer and share photos, files and videos in lightning speed! This ultra-speed provided by 5G will surely make your social media life more colorful.


  1. Connect with friends and loved ones faster and better.

Because of the amazing speed of 5G, expect better voice calls and clearer video calls with your loved ones too! This will also be greatly beneficial to people who work from home who attend online work meetings regularly. This will also benefit students who attend online classes since 5G has the lowest almost zero lag.

  1. Be a part of Huawei’s ecosystem of seamless speed and connectivity

I’m proud to say that all my devices now are HUAWEI… from smartphone, smartwatch, tablet and laptop. Embracing the HUAWEI ecosystem has greatly improved my creativity and productivity. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my adult life because all my devices are synced. With this, it’s so easy for me to instantly jump tasks from one device to the other.

With the use of my HUAWEI ID, I can also stay connected to my network of games and online content all at the same time.

  1. HUAWEI is THE 5G Expert.

I can truly attest to this because ever since I first visited the HUAWEI HQ in China way back in 2013, I already saw 5G being highlighted in their main showroom. It’s true that they have perfected 5G perhaps almost a decade by now, so I only trust HUAWEI as the only company that can provide the world with the best 5G experience.

They are the only company in the world that has mastered the 5G end-to-end solutions, including 5G foundational technology, 5G network equipment, 5G chips and 5G terminals.

  1. Experience 5G at the price of 4G with the nova 7 SE 5G


Because HUAWEI believes that everyone should enjoy and experience 5G, they came up with the powerful yet affordable nova 7 SE 5G for only PHP 19,990!!!

Here are facts about the nova 7 SE 5G…

The nova 7 SE 5G is powered with the Kirin 820 5G AI chipset that promises to deliver the highest speed.

It’s the first 5G enabled mid-range smartphone launched in the Philippines.

It’s the first 5G smartphone for the youth – providing you with the best & next-generation experience like lag-free gaming, seamless file sharing and clear voice and video calls.

Here’s a video I made to give you a glimpse on how your online life will become if you switch to 5G…

Aside from being a 5G enabled smartphone, here are more key features of the nova 7 SE 5G that makes it so irresistible:

  • 64MP high-res AI Quad camera for best photos and videos

 HUAWEI is known for producing stunning photos. You’ll never go wrong even if you choose their entry-level devices too. I’m a nova fan so I really like the camera system that HUAWEI uses for their nova series. For the nova 7 SE 5G, you’ll get to use 4 cameras to give you better photo quality with each snap.

  • 4000mAh Battery &40W HUAWEI SuperChargeTechnology

Packed with a 4000mAh battery, the HUAWEI nova 7 SE 5G delivers an enduring life to support the diverse lifestyles of everyday consumers. Get to charge from 0 to 70% in just 30mins with the use of their 40W HUAWEI SuperChargeTechnology. It charges super-fast and stays powered for a long time as the Kirin AI chipsets by HUAWEI are known for its high performance and power efficiency.

  • 8GB+128GB Memory to Save all your files and Precious Memories

With this, you’re sure to save thousands of photos, files and videos. After consuming the built-in memory, you can easily subscribe to the HUAWEI Cloud to back up everything. HUAWEI also has its own external hard drive with up to 1T of space that can be purchased in their concept stores.

  • 6.5-inch Full View Display

Aside from the ultra-fast 5G that I get to enjoy during gaming, my mobile gaming experience is also  enhanced with its stunning 6.5-inch Full View Display. I also find the size and design of the nova 7 SE 5G comfortable to view and hold. I don’t experience having any eye nor hand/wrist discomfort even if I play for long hours.

  • A stunning design that appeals to all

The nova is known for having this youthful, colorful, bursting with life image and they never cease to come up with colors and designs that appeal to everyone. The nova 7 SE 5G comes in 2 captivating colors –Space Silver and Crush Green.

  • Experience HD Calls using HUAWEI MeeTime with EMUI 10.1

HUAWEI nova 7 SE 5G runs on EMUI 10.1 to offer intelligent and user-friendly features, making it a companion for you to live a smart lifestyle. It also supports HUAWEI MeeTime – HUAWEI’s very own HD Calling app.

I love using HUAWEI MEETime because I get to see my friends and loved ones clearly with its smooth HD Call feature. Calls remain stable and clear even during low light or weak network conditions. It also has a Screen Sharing feature for more efficient communication with friends and workmates. With the Screen Sharing feature, you can share photos and even show work presentations with your colleagues during online meetings.

Here’s a list of what MEETime can do and why it’s better than the one you’re using now.

  1. Experience 1080p Full HD video calls between HUAWEI devices
  2. Thanks to Huawei’s facial recognition and optimization algorithms, bad lighting won’t be a problem with MEETime because it is equipped to perform well even in low-light settings giving the users clear images.
  3. While in poor network quality situations, MEETime uses the super-resolution technology to compensate video quality in real-time as well as to adapt to bandwidth changes to ensure a high resolution and smooth calling experience.
  4. To make each experience more fun, users can change their backgrounds in the call to panoramic photos or videos to add more fun and life to video calls.
  5. Users can also adjust their Beauty Level while on MEETime to make the skin look more soft and less facial lines.
  6. MEETime features a new two-way screen sharing function that allows users to share information while chatting, making the experience more real—as if users were communicating in person.
  • Huawei Petal Search Widget – Your Gateway to A Million Apps

The Petal Search is HUAWEI very own search widget that helps users track down and download apps. Simply type in the name of the app you are looking for and Petal Search will present all top and relevant app results, complete with the quick option to download and install them. It’s super easy to use!

Here’s a demo on how to download apps from Petal Search:

Click on the Petal Search Widget

type in the name of the app


  • the HUAWEI AppGallery

Last but ain’t least, of course, is the HUAWEI AppGallery. I do believe it’s one of HUAWEI’s best features. It was only launched mid of last year yet it has grown so fast that it now has over 390 Million active users worldwide.  It is currently the third-biggest app distribution platform globally, with over 180 billion downloads. Personally, I prefer using the AppGallery because it is more secure to use.

In the past months, I’ve published quite a lot of articles featuring my AppGallery finds. Check out these links as I’m sure they are helpful:


The HUAWEI nova 7 SE is a powerhouse that gives it all at an affordable 4G wallet-friendly price of PHP 19,990. So why buy a 4G phone if you can afford this 5G enabled one right? This is clearly the best choice if you have a budget of P20k!

Need more information about the nova 7 SE 5G? Feel free to visit these links

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