HUAWEI Freelace Pro: The Ultra Smart Intuitive Active Noise Cancellation Earbuds with 24-hrs Playback

Over the years, HUAWEI has established itself as one of the leading names in tech from cell sites, modems and even smartphones and wearables. Last year, I was astounded with their line of laptops that perfectly fit the new normal lifestyle. They also launched quite a number of smartwatches and perhaps the best tablets in the market. I was also very impressed when I got to try their FREEBUDS 3 in early 2020. The quality was way beyond than what I expected. Well, knowing HUAWEI, you will almost never see them release something mediocre that’s why with every HUAWEI purchase, rest assured that you’re getting the best.

Last year, I was particularly impressed with their audio devices which they call the HUAWEI Sound Family. After the launch of the FREEBUDS 3, I thought the next release was after a year, but woah… after the FREEBUDS 3, came the FREEBUDS 3i, then the HUAWEI Sound X which is I think the best yet underrated portable speaker in the market. And then there’s the groundbreaking FREEBUDS PRO which is known to have defeated the Airpods during the last quarter of 2020.

Yes, I believe everyone should try out the FREEBUDS PRO however, I understand that there are still a lot of people who aren’t comfortable with wireless earbuds as they can accidentally fall off of be misplaced while working out or whatever. As a solution, HUAWEI came up with the HUAWEI Freelace Pro so people won’t need to worry about losing their earbuds yet enjoy the same premium audio quality known in their growing roster of audio devices.

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Here’s a quick list of key features:

Has 3 Noise Cancellation Modes that fit any given scenario to enjoy a fully optimized listening experience.

You may choose between General Mode to enjoy listening to your favorite tracks even amidst bustling streets, Cozy Mode if you need to focus on your work and Ultra Mode if you prefer zero disturbance.


Awareness Mode

You may switch to Awareness mode when you need to monitor what’s happening around you like when you’re at the airport and you need to hear important announcements about your flight. It’s nice because the Freelace Pro fits so perfectly in your ear that you won’t feel the need to remove it.


3 Mic Noice Cancellation

HUAWEI FreeLace Pro comes with a converged sound pickup system of three microphones. It effectively reduces the interference of environmental noise during calls. Also, the Deep Neural Networks (DNN) algorithm can accurately identify human voice features, keeping calls clear and steady, even in bustling environments. When I tested it on calls, I noticed that my speaking voice was enhanced in noisy scenarios.  My friends on the other line told me they could hear me so well.

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Impressive Audio Quality as Always

The HUAWEI Freelace Pro boasts of having a 14 mm dynamic driver that works with an independent low-frequency sound tube to achieve resonance effect, delivering punchier, deeper bass. This device is built to impress not only the general public but even serious audiophiles who live active lifestyles.


24-Hour Battery Life

Yep, you read it right! The HUAWEI Freelace Pro supports 24-hour playback if ANC is off and 16hrs when Noise Cancellation is enabled. It also pairs instantly once you plug it in your smartphone with USB-C plug. Charging is also fast like 5mins worth of juice can last you up to 5hours playtime.

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Seamlessly Switch Between Devices

This is one of the things I really enjoy with the HUAWEI Ecosystem. I can seamlessly switch from one HUAWEI device to another without the need to pair again and again. As for the Freelace Pro, just press on the power button 2x and swiftly switch to the last connected device.

An Ideal Gaming Headphone

Thanks to the wireless audio codec optimization, the audio latency for gaming is greatly reduced down to 150 ms. The low-latency gaming mode is automatically enabled when you start a game, keeping you alert and sharp for every round.


Intuitive On-and-Off with Magnetic Snap

The magnetic design of HUAWEI FreeLace Pro offers an intuitive user experience. To save on battery, simply snap the 2 earbuds together to pause everything. In this state, it’ll look and feel like you’re wearing a necklace. And when you separate them, it will reconnect and get you back to your music or calls.

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Can be controlled using the HUAWEI AI Life App at the HUAWEI AppGallery

I love using my HUAWEI AI Life App since with this, I can have full control over all my other HUAWEI devices anytime at my fingertips.


Oh, before I forget, the HUAWEI Freelace Pro is priced at ONLY PHP 4,999 and can be bought at the Huawei Store