Huawei Captures the Spirit of Mother’s Day with the Huawei P20


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Filipinos are well-known for strongly valuing their family ties, making Mother’s Day in the Philippines a truly heartfelt occasion. As a matter of fact, hundreds have taken to Huawei’s Facebook page to share their love for their dearest moms through little stories.

One FB user, Mi Des, relates the story of her personal “wonder woman” who took on a dual-parent role after her father’s passing: “Being an OFW, it’s beyond words to express how much I appreciate and love my mom that I’d be willing to sacrifice my life [for] her.”

Another FB user, Nadj Velasco, shares how her mom’s daily video call reminders to stay healthy and well are punctuated by LOL moments: “Every call she makes whether it’s video or just a regular call, she never fails to make us laugh. She always has a joke or funny story to make your day awesome!” Nadj says.


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Scrolling through the comments section shows the varied ways Filipinos show appreciation for their moms – how the strength and compassion of the women who raised them shaped their lives and inspired them to be good people. These tales encouraged Huawei to craft a fitting and rewarding tribute to all our moms this coming Mother’s Day.

First up, Huawei created a video that shows how the P20 provides opportunities for a mother and her son to bond – despite their need for a different way to communicate. In this video, the P20’s powerful Leica camera system lets the Mom capture cute selfies and plenty of other memorable moments with her young child.


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In a rather touching way, the son lets his Mom know just how lucky and grateful he is to have her, by way of a collection of those memories stitched together by the Huawei P20.

The video provides a minuscule but accurate glimpse into the way technology has improved our interactions with our loved ones. For mothers, it is their delight at capturing and preserving the pure happiness they feel with their children through the power of the P20’s advanced camera features.
Watch the full video here:




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Next up, have the chance to give something special to your mom this Mother’s Day by sharing your moments together. Simple upload your entry at a chance to win a Huawei P20 for your mom!
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