HR HERO: a one-day seminar for HR students

“If you would have superpowers, what would it be?” Discover that power in you. Join us this 21st day of February at “HR HERO: Enduring the stereotypes of 21st Century.” This will be held at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines- Quezon City Campus Gymnasium.

Made possible by various brands and companies, Hero production offers this one-day academic seminar to cultivate young HR aspirants’ knowledge to produce highly competitive HR graduates. Three distinct speakers are invited to talk about and how to deal with the threats of the 21st century, how to track your future self and how to turn cants into cans.

Brace yourselves to conquer the era of the 21st century and together, let us unleash our hidden powers.

Registration will start at 7:30 am

Should you have inquiries please contact Ms. Mikaela Pardalis at 0955-2903-684


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