How WIM Love shirts are advocating hope and meaningful causes

Written by: Danelle Go / Graphics by: Elena Salazar / Photography by: Hannah Beltran, Neil John Vildad, and Christian Haw

Over the years, social media has become a platform for all sorts of change. From international movements like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter, to local ones like #MarcosNotAHero or #QuoWarrantoIbasura, social media activists have used this medium to spark all kinds of change and awareness. With this vital tool, it has become easier to disseminate information, spread awareness about the flaws in our system, and create campaigns to combat these problems.

Here at WheninManila.com, we believe in the importance of using this platform as a way of bringing awareness to causes near and dear to our hearts. This desire to spark change is what inspired the creation of the WIM Love Foundation. Since mid-2017, WIM has taken several lengths to use this medium to spread awareness and advocate for the causes that mean the most to us. With this goal of inspiring good through storytelling, the foundation hopes to support worthy causes like children and animal welfare, environment and heritage protection, and mental health, just to name a few.

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In the same way that WIM’s content has aimed to showcase and promote the beauty of Manila and the Philippines as a whole through online content, the WIM Love Foundation aims to generate awareness and monetary support for the aforementioned causes through the same medium. In fact, since the conception of WIM Love, the foundation has been working in partnerships with several organizations, like the Heritage Conservation Society, WWF Philippines, and the Philippine Animal Rescue Team (just to name a few) to produce content, spread awareness, and provide donations (both monetary and in-kind)

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But in addition to the production of online content about these causes, WIM Love decided to take things one step further with the creation of WIM Love’s advocacy t-shirts!


The collection of shirts is composed of a variety of designs. From simple shirts that encourage you to “be awesome,” to artistic shirts that incorporate designs by Yel Cast, to graphic tees that promote the causes of WIM Love.

All proceeds from the shirts, and from fundraisers prepared by WIM and the foundation, go to the advocacy projects of WIM love and the organizations in partnership with WIM.

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Nowadays, because there are so many people trying to voice their opinions and bring awareness to the many things that are going wrong, it is so easy to get caught up in all this negativity. But because of all this negativity, it is important now more than ever to remain hopeful. With the positive sphere of influence created by WheninManila.com, we still remain hopeful that through advocating the causes that mean most to us, we can truly make a difference for these beneficiaries. However, we cannot do it without your help! With your continuous support, we can do our part in using this platform to bring back hope and positivity to our country.

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