How to Survive a Diet: 5 Top Tips to Keep You Sane

Dieting is haaaaard. If you love food as much as I do and have difficulties saying ‘no’ to a bottle of Coke or a bar of chocolate… I FEEL YOU, FAM!!! With so many beach trips to go to in my line of work and with aerial arts being my workout methods of choice, though, I knew I had to at least eliminate some of the junk in my daily diet to get the kind of body that I want and the strength that I need for everyday life.

Now, while it took some getting used to (and a lot of will power), here are some things that helped me through my most trying times. (It sounds dramatic, but if you’re a foodie like me, you should totally understand what I mean.)

How to Survive a Diet: 5 Top Tips to Keep You Sane

5. Don’t think about it.

One of my downfalls in dieting during the beginning of it was that I kept thinking about it. Whenever I saw delicious food or even thought about food, in general, I’d mentally remind myself that I’m on a diet. In fact, I’d feel sorry for myself the minute I woke up and realised it was breakfast time.

diet meme 1

This didn’t help me with my diet at all. Instead, I came to find that the more I preoccupied myself with other things, the less I thought about all of the delicious food I was missing out on.

4. Drink lots and lots and lots of water.

Remember when your parents used to pester you into drinking more water? Well, guess what? It helps GREATLY when it comes to dieting.

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Try it! Start your day with two glasses of water and then drink a glass or two before and after each meal. You’ll feel full enough not to crave for random snacks during the day. Plus, you’ll get healthier and more hydrated skin out of it at the same time.

3. Keep little reminders of your goals all over the place.

Although I said earlier on not to think about your diet, it helps to keep little reminders of your goals in places that matter – just to keep you motivated throughout your dieting period.

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I have a post-it on my bathroom mirror that says “Keep at it” with a Wonder Woman sketch on it, and my phone’s wallpaper was that of my ultimate fitspiration. I’m also lucky enough to have friends who remind me of my goals and express how proud they are when I order a non-fat iced drink instead of a frappuccino at my favorite coffee place.

2. Cheat if you have to.

Cheating is only bad when you do it on a test or in a relationship… on a diet? Not so much. Just make sure you only cheat in moderation.

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Craving for some chocolate cake because it’s that time of the month? Have half a slice. Want some bagnet? Have a taste. The key here is not to have too much of what you’re craving and not to make it a habit. And if you do end up falling into a spiral and having something that you miss once in a while, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just start over again the next day and try again.

1. Sign up for a diet delivery service.

If healthy food isn’t anywhere within your reach or you don’t have time to prepare healthy food before work everyday, try signing up for a delicious diet delivery services. There are a lot of diet delivery services out there nowadays that can provide you with three meals a day (plus snacks!) to keep you full and happy. One of our current favorites is Chefitness.

Chefitness food

Read about one of our writers’  experience with Chefitness here.

While there are a lot of diet delivery services out there, I’ve heard from friends that some of them can be pretty boring and bland. That isn’t the case with Chefitness. In fact, one of our writers is so in love with them that she told me she sometimes eats the allotted meals ahead of time because of how excited she gets about them.

Naturally, I had to try it myself, too.

Truth be told, Chefitness was a nice surprise. I had delicious champorado one morning, a and filling chicken wrap one night, and an unforgettable paella negra one lunch time, to name a few of my favorite dishes from my Chefitness experience. Although some of the food that you’ll get during the day may scream of ‘too much healthy’ to a body used to junk, I came to find that it wasn’t difficult to adjust to the healthy food that Chefitness had to offer. In fact, I didn’t have any crazy cravings of any kind throughout my experience. Try it yourself! 🙂

What are some of your most effective tips for dieting? Help a girl out!