How To Stay Fit Over This Lamon Season

Who’s afraid of No-Shape December? While that #OplanBalikAlindog goal is still months away, there’s no reason to derail the hard work you’ve put in. Here are tips on how to stave away those pounds this coming lamon –er, holiday season!

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6. Pace your eating

That piece of lechon isn’t going anywhere. While our first instinct is to wolf down chunks of our food, this usually leads to overeating and a bad tummyache, to add. Pace your eating by chewing slowly and savoring the flavor.

5. Squeeze in a short workout in the morning

What better way to burn last night’s calories than squeezing in a short workout in the morning? Go for a morning jog or try to work out at home with some HIIT videos.

If there’s a gym nearby, pick the one that’s suited to your schedule no matter what time of the day. Anytime Fitness, for example, is a 24-hour gym which means you can work out whenever you want.

4. Cut back on alcohol

A bottle or two is fine, but if you’re drinking night after night after night, well, there’s a reason they call it the “beer belly”. Imagine drinking all of those empty calories. Plus, there are other ways to enjoy the holidays aside from getting drunk, right?

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3. Don’t forget to drink water

Remember to hydrate! Drinking water regularly helps regulate your metabolism. It can even help you stay full when you’re drinking glasses of water before meals.

2. Go for the healthier options

There’s no reason to go for the fat-laden lechon if there are other relatively healthier options on the buffet table, like grilled meats. There are also other vegetable dishes that are enjoyable such as lumpiang sariwa.

1. Eat what you want but limit your portions

But if you really must go for the sinful dishes (it is only once a year, after all), try to limit your portions. The key is not deprivation but discipline.

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