How to save on your next adventure and still get mom that awesome Christmas gift!

’Tis the season of unlocking amazing memories! This holiday season, although everyone still has their wishlist on-hand, we seem to be living in an age that’s giving more importance to experiences rather than material possessions. Sometimes a full suitcase is better than a new purse or we prefer to wear down our feet in the streets of Seoul instead of the sidewalk while trying to catch the next bus. Whatever it is, it seems that travel won’t get old anytime soon as a way of treating yourself or the ones you love. Although, we already see all the boys and girls selling lanterns on the street the moment the “ber” months chime in, the real hustle for the holidays doesn’t actually begin until November or the eagerly awaited “14th month pay”. We know what happens when this time rolls around though, right? Carmageddon, lines for days, sold out goods in stores, and just a whole lot of hustle and bustle that easily drowns out the Christmas spirit. And while you have the option to travel to the malls to shop this season, wouldn’t it be much more exciting to update your upcoming travel itinerary instead?

One of the biggest travel misconceptions is that it’s expensive to travel. Even with budget airfares, there’s still the issue of what you plan to do when you actually there. There will always be travel guides, but there’s also the option to go against the grain and experience everything like a local. Whatever you decide to do on your adventure, your wallet shouldn’t suffer for it. You can always have the full experience without breaking your bank.

And what better way to level up your experience than with Klook’s flash Christmas sale from November 23-25? Be sure to have yourself a very merry discount of up to 50% OFF on transport & WiFi services, food & beverage activities, and winter products available exclusively on Klook for the first 300 users. This is the perfect time to start planning your upcoming travel itinerary for your next solo, barkada, or family trip!

Klook’s ambassadors, Alex Gonzaga and Luis Manzano are ready to take you on an adventure with the hottest deals in the coolest holiday season yet. Tune in to Klook’s Facebook as Alex and Luis make their way to South Korea for an adventure that YOU will benefit from! In their adventure in South Korea, this very merry duo will have to go through three challenges. Each challenge, if achieved, will unlock promo codes for the Klook Christmas Sale from Nov 23 to 25!

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Oppa!!! When you’re happy ‘coz you’re not with kuya Luis in the picture. FREE!!! 😂

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Challenge #1: Alex & Luis will take a train to Busan! Don’t worry, no zombie-walking involved, but there will be a lot of walking as they make their way to the village of Gamcheon! Once completed, the first deal will be unlocked for all TRANSPORT & WIFI services/activities. This is available for the first 100 users.

For the second challenge, the duo will have to return to Seoul to warm up with the spiciest food in Myeongdong. Not for the faint of tongue, but definitely worth the challenge as this will unlock discounts for all Klook activities under the category of FOOD & BEVERAGE.

And for the third challenge, Alex and Luis will need some of that hot & spicy food from Myeongdong to keep warm as they learn how to ski! This challenge will unlock the BIG SALE and exciting PROMO CODES!

All promo codes will be released on November 23. But wait! There’s s’more! On November 25, at the end of the Klook Christmas Sale, will be a CHRISTMAS BALIKBAYAN BOX GIVEAWAY on the Klook Facebook page. Still in the land of kpop and kimchi, Alex and Luis will go on a shopping spree just for their moms. And even better, YOUR mom can go home with what their moms got too! She can have a bonus-filled Christmas with some of the hottest Korean items!

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Nagwish ako dito na maiwan na tong kasama ko dito, wag na sana siya sumama pabalik namin pinas. @klooktravel_ph

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The winners will then get to take home the same stuff from Alex & Luis’ Seoul shopping spree for their own moms. Winners will be announced on November 30 on Klook’s Facebook page.

And that’s it! The most lit holiday awaits you right at your fingertips! Make sure that you have the Klook app installed on your smartphone and your notifications on so you never miss any of the amazing deals and exciting recommendations from your most trusted travel buddy!

If you ask us, this is how the year should end: by creating, sharing, and feeling the joy of a truly Filipino Christmas, wherever you are!

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself and your loved ones the gift that keeps on giving! Travel with Klook in your pocket and unlock adventures in a click!

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