How to Save Money on Dental Treatments

We all know how expensive and painful dental treatments can be from braces to fix the misalignments to root canal treatments caused by severe tooth decay. In cases where there’s no other option but to extract the tooth, you do not just lose that one tooth; you lose bone structure, as well. Plus, it becomes hard to chew food in that empty space. You don’t just pay with money, either; you pay with your time, as well. You probably know by now how time-consuming and money-consuming fancy dental implants can be.

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So, how can we avoid going through this process that is so painful for your teeth and wallet? Well, there are actually few steps to keeping your teeth safe, nice, and functional without cashing out thousands of pesos.

How to Save Money on Dental Treatments

Be a Good Parent.

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Your child’s first visit to the dentist can be as early as when their first tooth appears in their mouth. At the very least, have your kid’s first visit when they have all of their milk teeth. This will allow your dentist to predict crowding and misalignments that may arise in the future to eliminate the need for braces.

Always Think of Prevention Over Treatment.

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Preventive measures like pit and fissure sealant on your back teeth (the molars) and flouride treatment can make your teeth less susceptible to cavities. This is done when teeth are newly erupted (6-13 years old) because that is when the grooves are deep and become a good spot for bacteria to accumulate (bacteria cause cavities).

Get Regular Checkups.

Visit your dentist every six months, so they can detect cavities and any other problems that you might be having before it’s too late.

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Advance cases of caries can lead to pulp inflammation that will require root canal treatment. Early treatment of cavities will cost you much less than a modified restoration or crown. Regular oral prophylaxis prevents periodontitis, which is caused by the deposition of calcular deposits over time.

Be a Team Player.

Work hand in hand with your dentist. Brush your teeth regularly with the right technique and floss in-between those pearls of yours. The bottom line is taking care of your oral health. Then, your teeth don’t have to be burden. In fact, if you follow these tips, you might just find yourself loving your dentist as much as you like your barber.