How to Reclaim Your Mental Health and Physical Fitness During This Pandemic

One year and a month into the pandemic brought about by COVID-19 pandemic and we get the feeling that we are back to where we began.

Our social media feeds which used to be full of activities that reminded us of happy occasions of places, people, and events have slowly been replaced by somber lighted candles, reminding us that another person we dearly loved or we knew of have left us.

Understandably and fortunately, we can only say goodbye through the help of technology. Thus, it is most welcome when we get to access information on how to strengthen our mental and physical well-being with the help of various online platforms.

So read on and explore the possibilities that can help sharpen your mind and enhance your physical fitness.

5.  Connect with Your Loved Ones

We are lucky that we can use different apps to freely link with our families, friends, and even our workmates. In spite of the physical restrictions, we can tap into readily available technologies such as Viber, Messenger, Zoom, among others.

We are humans after all and the ability to communicate is a vital part of our humanity.

Nothing beats a short or a long talk with people we care about. These conversations can uplift our morale and spirit; they are constant reminders that we are not alone in all of the challengers. So don’t be shy and take the initiative to say even a simple “hello” or “how are you” to brighten someone’s gloomy day.

4. Pick Up a Hobby

Reveal the inner hobbyist within you and enjoy the activities you longed to do in the past. With you at the comfort of your home, you can be another plant enthusiast – a “plantito” or “plantita” – or may rekindle your love for gardening, photography, building electronics, dancing, or even playing the guitar.

3. Play with Your Pets

Animal parents may have been guilty during pre-pandemic that they have not spent much time with their pets.

Don’t sulk as you have all the free time now to play with your cats, dogs, rabbits, and even birds. These pets will surely welcome the attention at the same time you get to relax in their loving company.

2. Get Enough Sunlight

It’s high time to spend at least 10 minutes to 30 minutes a day to savor the sunlight.

It’s not only the plants that need the sun; we also gain a lot from being in the sun. Regular enough sun exposure provides us sufficient vitamin D. It also enhances our mood, relieves stress, and improves our sleeping habits. Also, serotonin is released from the brain when we are exposed to sunlight. Serotonin is linked to boosting our mood and making us calm and focused.

1. Join a Fitness Program

We need to take care of our body and exercise is the best antidote to counter the creeping depression because of the pandemic.

A good program to join is the Philippine Sport Commission’s Zumbarangay Pilipinas: Solo Exercise On-Cam Challenge, which is a campaign that urges women and girls to rise up and shape up. The health buffs would definitely love this as they can win prizes on top of having the honor to represent their barangay.

You may pick one or even try out the five activities above. What is important is you stay active and take complete control of your health.

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