How to Protect Yourself from the #CebuHaze

It may look like a scene from an apocalyptic movie, but the haze in Cebu is anything but. The haze in the Queen City of the South is from a combination of smoke coming from forest fires in Indonesia and local pollutants.

Engr. William Cuñado, director of the Environment Management Bureau in Central Visayas (EMB-7), advises Cebu residents to wear eye googles and dust masks, and to stay indoors as much as possible because of the high particulate content that may be harmful to those with heart and respiratory diseases.

The haze is similar to what Singapore is currently experiencing, so we’d like to share what their Ministry of Health advised their residents to protect themselves from the haze.

According to the public service announcement, people should wear an N95 mask, a surgical mask approved by the Food and Drug Administration and offers more respiratory protection.

Check out the PSA below:


How to Protect Yourself from the #CebuHaze


What other ways can we protect ourselves? Share them below!