Doctor Glam: How to Mix Traditional Business with Influencer Marketing Tips from Dr Far Shamsi and Dr Shide Nikbin

One of the most difficult parts for small business owners today is finding out how to get new clients. Figuring out the traditional marketing strategies was already a struggle, now add to that the new digital practices that you have to learn and implement. As a small business, you don’t usually have access to a huge marketing budget, and thus, finding the most efficient and affordable ways to promote yourself is key to your business survival.

Influencer marketing can be one of the best ways promote your start-up without costing an arm and a leg. You can invite these social media content creators to try your business, and they can then post something about it online to their thousands or millions of followers. Now taking that to the next level is Dr Far Shamsi and Dr Shide Nikbin, who have themselves become influencers promoting their dentistry practice.

Doctor Glam Dr Far Shamsi Dr Shide Nikbin

Dr Far and Dr Shide, better known as Dr Gram to their hundreds of thousands of followers, are life and business partners who started a dentistry business, then slowly found themselves in the middle of their own influencer marketing strategies for their own business.

The Dr Glam team started creating content with a lot of their influencer friends whom they would invite to their dentistry practice. It didn’t take long for them to amass a huge following on their own, currently with over one million followers throughout their different social media platforms.

Being able to relate to both the entrepreneurial side, and the influencer marketing side of a business, we sat down with the entrepreneur influencers to ask them for tips on how small business owners can also better promote their products, services, food or whatever they do?

1. Invite a lot of influencers – Dr Far and Dr Shide agree that inviting influencers to try out your business was one of the key strategies that helped their business get featured on so many different pages online. “We were able to promote our business and make amazing new friends,” said Dr Far. They add that not all influencers will accept your invite and thus, and that a lot of them will have different type of followers. So it is important to invite a lot but also be selective on who you invite, to ensure that their followers are in your target market.

2. Collaborate with influencers – The Dr Glam team shares that doing the content with their influencer friends is what really helped boost their business and their following. People enjoyed seeing Dr Glam videos and pictures, and felt closer to them. It helped build their reputation and branding as more people would recognize them, which helped the business as potential customers already felt like they knew them personally.

3. Mix in information with entertainment – As you will see on the Dr Glam accounts online, there is a balanced mix of informative videos related to their dentistry practice, while also having some videos for pure entertainment – queue the dance music now! “We love sharing important medical information to help people take care of their teeth, but we also love dancing and having fun,” said Dr Shide, “so we just found ways to capture those different moments through different posts, and they really do help us reach many different demographics.”

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So, if you’re a struggling new business owner, then try to do what these resourceful dentists did, and be your own influencer marketing engine. Find social media celebrities, invite them to try your business, collaborate with them on the content and mix up your posts with a good variety of information about your business and entertaining your audience.

You can find Dr Far and Dr Shide online through their Dr Glam accounts on social media if you need more advice, or if you have cavities that need to be removed.


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