How to Manage a Better Work-Life Balance This Summer

For small businesses, the summer months can be the busiest and most profitable months. As demand during the peak summer season increases, you probably find yourself struggling to find a good balance between managing your business and making time to enjoy summer nights with your friends and family. While being a small business owner can often entail working more than 50 hours a week, your dedication to your business warrants a few weekends to yourself.

Here are some ways to strike a healthy work-life balance during the summer:

Stay healthy.

Stay Healthy

Eat sensibly, avoid stimulants, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. Keeping your body healthy will help your mind cope with the pressures of running your business. Enjoy natural daylight, too, as this is important for your mental health and sleeping patterns.

Stick to a daily schedule.

Schedule your day

Some people work better in the morning, others in the evening. Ask yourself which type of person you are, and save the most challenging work for the time of day when you’re at your mental peak. It’s usually a bad idea to do intensive intellectual work between 2-4PM, so use this time to power through your admin to-do list instead.

Learn to delegate.

Learn to delegate

The most successful business managers are those who can delegate the right work to the right people and then let them get on with it. If you find delegating hard, try to improve on it. Your business will flourish if you do and you’ll feel less overwhelmed by your to-do list, too.

Switch off.

Switch off

As hard as it is to avoid constantly checking emails, try to have periods of time when you relax and switch out of work mode entirely. This is particularly important before you go to sleep. Although it might feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to unwind; half an hour with a good book, TV show, or a coffee with a friend will give you the refreshment you need.

Plan a vacation.

Plan a vacation

Without a vacation, life can start to feel like being on a treadmill, and that’s not the way to run a business. It’s important to keep a sense of perspective. In today’s world, advanced technology allows us the opportunity to communicate, work, and flourish remotely. Imagine waking up one day setting up your laptop in a café and doing business beside a white sandy beach, taking business calls while looking at pristine blue water. The ability to work from anywhere and manage a successful business without a physical office is a fantastic development in the business world because it comes with a lot benefits.

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