Infectious Disease Specialist Reminds Public Of These Simple Ways To Keep Safe Amid nCoV Threat

The first case of novel coronavirus infection in the Philippines was confirmed last January 30. Shortly after, the Department of Health reported the first death caused by nCoV outside of China. This, along with the World Health Organization’s declaration of the outbreak as a “global emergency”, has been a cause for concern amongst the public.

However, health professionals advise the public to remain collected in applying different precautions against the virus. Dr. Rey Salinel, an infectious disease specialist, explained during an interview on Unang Hirit that good oral hygiene may be a big help in lowering the chances of being a carrier.

(DOH Confirms 2nd nCoV Patient’s Death)

“Maging part na po ng oral hygiene ang pagmumumog po ng maligamgam na tubig na may asin—may coronavirus scare man o wala,” Dr. Salinel stated. “Marami pong namamatay na bacteria at viruses sa high-salt concentration.”

According to him, a pinch of salt in a glass of lukewarm water would make an effective gargling solution. Something as simple as this warns against the growth of bacteria and the carrying of viruses orally.

Dr. Salinel also made mention of other precautionary measures such as washing and sanitizing your hands frequently and avoid touching your mouth and face with your hands. Generally boosting your immune system through vitamin C-rich foods, enough sleep, and a stress-free environment would also be advisable.

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