Here’s How You Can Help Save the Children

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Save The Children: Strong Together For Children

Save The Children: Strong Together For Children

Save the Children Philippines is celebrating its 37th anniversary this year and as part of their celebration, they held “Partner’s Day” on April 25, 2018, to recognize and thank their corporate partners.

Save the Children awarding Western Union for their Youth Employability Program

Save the Children awarding Western Union for their Youth Employability Program

Just last year, Save the Children Philippines was able to reach out to over 573,000 Filipino children. Save the Children Philippines recognized that they couldn’t have achieved this without the 80+ companies that have supported their programs, campaigns, and appeals. Among those recognized for their grant-funding support are Accenture, GT Foundation, Ikea Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Prudence Foundation, and Western Union.

Alberto Muyot, Save the Children Philippines' CEO

Alberto Muyot, Save the Children Philippines’ CEO

This year, Save the Children Philippines aims to reach out to more children in the country. Alberto Muyot, the new CEO of Save the Children Philippines, enumerated their priorities for 2018 during the event. Here are what they aim to focus on this year: provision of early child care for deprived children, provision of sufficient livelihood for their families, prevention of newborn deaths due to malnutrition, enactment of the First 1000 Days law, and continued support for the children of Marawi.

How Can You Help?

Save the Children Philippines has numerous projects falling under the categories of Health and Nutrition, Child Poverty, Child Protection, Child Rights Governance, Education, and Emergency Response. Their projects such as Skills-to-Succeed, KASALI, and #SpareBucks4Change were all successful due to the support they received from various companies. You and your company can also help improve the lives of the Filipino children. Here’s how:

Fundraising and Raising Awareness

Save the Children Philippines' Lahat Santa Fundraising Program

Save the Children Philippines’ Lahat Santa Fundraising Program

There are a lot of ways to raise funds and awareness for the children. Cause-related marketing, fundraising events, and workplace giving are just a few of the many ways you can help the children. Save the Children Philippines encourages companies to come up with creative ways in which they can raise awareness and fundraise.

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Support for Children’s Emergency Fund

Children's Emergency Kit

Children’s Emergency Kit

Save the Children prides itself on its tremendous experience in responding to the immediate and long-term needs of children in times of emergencies not just here in the Philippines, but around the world. The organization carries out response operations in the aftermath of natural disasters, disease outbreaks, or armed conflict. They also train schools and communities on disaster preparedness. Save the Children’s Emergency Kit provides children with health and hygiene interventions. They also provide education interventions through their back-to-school kits.

Support for #SpareBucks4Change

Save the Children Philippines' Projects

Save the Children Philippines’ Projects

#SpareBucks4Change is a workplace giving initiative in which employees have the option to donate as little as Php300 a month from their salary to support Save the Children Philippines. The money collected from all the employees will be utilized to contribute to changing the lives of Filipino children and help create a better future for them. These resources will be allocated to address the greatest needs in education, protection, health, and emergencies that are not getting enough support from other donors.

Should you choose to help, these donations will be deducted from your salary monthly and will be reflected on your payslip. Save the Children Philippines will keep you updated on their work through regular e-mails so that you can get an idea of how much impact your contribution brings to the Filipino children.

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