How to Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads – This Team Can Help

If you are reading this, chances are you are one of the millions of people who lost their jobs or whose business is suffering due to the pandemic. Before completely giving up or accepting work for a smaller pay than what you used to make, have you considered putting your business online or freelancing?

Despite seeing physical stores close down one by one, some are still thriving and this is because they have fully adapted to the new normal–online selling. Facebook Ads play a huge role to this success as it lets you buy traffic and inquiries through two major social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram.

“Consistent 7 digits na monthly ang sales ng business namin since December. Biruan mo ‘yun. I enrolled in this  course last week of October 2020 lang, tapos ang ganda ng result after a month lang! Akala ko katapusan na ng pagkapatok ng online business namin.”–Jose Martin [Our business’s monthly sales is consistently 7 digits now since December. Who would have thought? I enrolled in this course in the last week of October 2020 and great results were produced in just a month! I thought it was the end of the hype of our online business.”

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Meanwhile, helping people run Facebook Ads locally and internationally will allow you to work from the comfort of your own home while earning the income you deserve. These freelancers shared their experience on running Facebook Ads for businesses:

Kung dati, pagod na pagod ako sa dalawang trabaho ko, ngaun I earn more than what I get from both of those jobs with just one of my clients. Kung dati, hirap na hirap ako magkaron ng magandang cashflow, ngaun, ako na nang lilibre sa buong family ko nung Christmas.” –Froi [Before, I get exhausted with juggling two jobs. Now, I earn more than what I get from both of them with just one of my clients. I used to have a hard time improving cash flow but now, I was able to treat my entire family last Christmas.]

“I leveled up my income. Probably 5 to 7 times more than what I used to make in the corporate world. I was able to provide results for my clients such as: a meal prep program which earned Php 300K of sales after 3 days of running ads, 2021 weddings worth Php 200K each where I closed 21 clients, and my latest client who just hit 6-figure sales after 4 days!” – Lira

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Nowadays, running Facebook Ads is a valuable asset to any type of business by driving both awareness and profit to their clients. AdsLevelUp is a 1-year program that can help you grow from a complete beginner to a Facebook Ads specialist. The online course offers the following: 

  • Comprehensive video training that you can watch at your own pace or time of availability.
  • Monthly live coaching calls to discuss Facebook Ads topics such as targeting, creatives, influencer marketing, and more.
  • Monthly masterclasses are held by experts in social media marketing, e-commerce, branding, and more.
  • Facebook support group to ensure we can track your progress.
  • Mentor group led by an expert who specializes in specific Facebook Ads skills like eCommerce, Messenger and chatbots, online courses, and more.

The AdsLevelUp team believes in the importance of interactive learning to guide each of their students more than just explaining their courses through online videos. They are:

Jungie Gumiran (Managing Director) – a young agency owner, entrepreneur, and coach who helps digital marketers and local entrepreneurs grow their businesses online. He helps by teaching how to create successful and highly profitable Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns… even if they haven’t created a single ad before!

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Frances Cruz (Chief Operating Officer) – a Digital Marketing Strategist who helps businesses in the Philippines and abroad in nurturing brand and customer relationships through conversion-centric ads and ambassadorship programs.

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Luis Medina (Program Director) – helps freelancers and agencies scale their businesses by creating their online training programs so they can serve more people without working more hours.

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Kat Salonga (Program Director) – an e-learning platform developer who helps experts fulfill their legacy by crafting their signature programs that are aligned with their mission, vision, and core values.


Natalie Donato (Mentor) – a Facebook Ads Strategist and a Certified Manychat Agency Partner who helps companies and brands engage with their customers in a conversational and responsive manner in order to double, or even triple, their sales in 30 days or less.

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Genesis Meil Dizon (Mentor) – a “Facebook marketing maniac” who believes that “having a heart full of love and a hand willing to help is the true meaning of life.” Dizon does the job remotely on the pristine island of Bucas Grande, Siargao.


Marielle Tiano (Mentor) – helps aspiring business owners and freelancers who want to learn about Facebook marketing. Tiano is also one of the co-founders of Six Figure Ecom, a program that helps aspiring e-commerce business owners have a successful e-commerce journey.


Glennmoore Turda (Mentor) – a business owner and a Facebook Ads expert. Turda enjoyed growing his own eCommerce store so much that it became another business opportunity for him. He now offers Facebook Ads strategies to eCommerce businesses.


Airon Dela Cruz – an email marketer who believes in the power of email as a way to genuinely connect and build lasting relationships with people. Dela Cruz is also the Founder of KEME, an email marketing program for eCommerce businesses.


Avie Ellazar (Community Manager) – a community manager who helps build awareness and relationships between the members and the brand.


Cyrille Garcia (Social Media Manager) – Garcia believes that social media does not just generate brand awareness and sales but also provides the opportunity to grow relationships with your target audience all around the world. According to her, those are two of the most important things: relationship and trust.

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To know more about AdsLevelUp, visit their website:

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