Here’s How You Can Get Access to Sephiroth in ‘Super Smash Bros Ultimate’ NOW

OMG!!! SEPHIROTH IS COMING TO ‘SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE’ AND I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!! This super hottie villain will officially be available as paid downloadable content on December 22, 2020. However, as I was scrolling through Twitter today, I saw people going crazy because they were able to get him today. As in RIGHT NOW. Here’s how.

Sephiroth Smash Bros Ultimate

Right now, there’s a limited-time event going on for those who pre-ordered any of the DLC on Nintendo Switch, where they can join an in-game boss battle challenge called ‘The Sephiroth Challenge’. If you successfully complete the challenge, you’ll get to unlock Sephiroth as a playable fighter! You don’t even have to play in Very Hard Mode or anything! Just complete it on any difficulty setting!

And that’s not all! You’ll also get to unlock a brand new stage called the Northern Cave along with nine new ‘Final Fantasy’ music tracks. My heart!!!

The Challenger Pack 8 (which comes with Sephiroth, the Northern Cave, and new music) is available at $5.99, while Fighters Pass Vol. 2 (which comes with Sephiroth, Min Min from ‘Arms’, and Steve and Alex from ‘Minecraft’ plus three surprise fighters) is available at $29.99. New Mii Fighter costumes based on other ‘Final Fantasy VII’ characters will also be available soon.

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