How to Get Hired in 2021

It’s harder to find a job in 2021. With heavier competition in landing that dream job, answering interview questions has become a greater challenge than ever. But good thing, Coach Lyqa Maravilla is here to help us Get Hired! as she shares how you can ace those tricky HR interview questions. 

What is your dream job?

How can you describe your dream job to your potential employer? What’s the perfect response that will get you hired? Coach Lyqa shares how this simple question requires a proper way of answering as she says that the wrong approach might turn off your interviewer.

Tell me about the mistake you made

Did you know that there’s a perfect way of sharing the mistake you did at your previous job—that will still get you hired? Learn how you can discuss a mistake you made without looking like an incompetent candidate in this episode.

How to get hired in a BPO company

Are you anxious about your upcoming job interview at a BPO company? Don’t worry because our former BPO employee, Coach Lyqa, is here to help you get that job!

The difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae 

Before you ace those interview questions, make sure you know the difference between a resume and curriculum vitae. 

By doing this, you can send the correct file for your job application.

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