How to Get a Japan Visa in Less Than 5 Days for Only 800 Pesos

I’ve been to 14 European countries and almost all Southeast Asian countries, and I will tell you that Japan is a country you should visit. Heck, I’d even choose Japan over Paris anytime. Going to Japan is surreal—as if you’re in a different Universe. It’s clean, people are nice, and I like that everywhere is so organized.

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I’m also happy that getting a Tourist Visa to Japan was the cheapest compared to my experience in getting a visa to United States and to Europe. I only paid PHP 800 and got my visa within 3 business days! If you’re planning to apply for one, read on!

Or if you’re lazy to read, just watch my detailed YouTube video explaining the requirement and process:

How to get a Japan visa for Philippine Passport Holders?



Each country offers different types of visas: tourist visa, medical visa, spouse visa, work visa, etc. For this blog post, I’m going to teach you how to get a Tourist Visa for Japan. If you need help and information on any other type, please refer to the Japanese Embassy website here.


Under tourist visa, you can check the requirements if you’ll be visiting Japan using your own money or if you will be visiting Japan with a sponsor. Here are the requirements:

Japan Tourist Visa without a sponsor

  1. Passport. Valid for another 6 months and must have 2 blank pages
  2. Visa application form. Download it from the Japanese Embassy here.
  • You can view the sample application form


3. Photo. 

  • Specs: 4.5cm x 4.5cm, with white background.
  • Photo must be taken within 6 months.
  • Please write applicant’s name and birthdate on back side of the photo.
  • Photo must be pasted on the application form.

4. Birth certificate

  • Must be issued by NSO within one year from visa application
  • If the birth certificate is “late registration”, please submit in addition, a baptismal certificate and school record (Form 137) from high school or elementary and School Yearbook (if possible).
  • If there is no record in PSA, please submit a “Certificate of Non-Record” from PSA together with a birth certificate from the Local Civil Registrar.

5. Marriage certificate. If the applicant is married.

  • Must be issued by NSO within one year from visa application

6. Daily schedule/itinerary in Japan. Must be detailed day-by-day.

  • They also have the template on the Japan Embassy site.

Here’s a sample of my daily itinerary, it’s just one page but it’s detailed:


7. Bank certificate. Valid three months from the issue date.

  • You can request this from your bank. Bank certificate shows the balance on your account with the creation date of you card and signed by the bank’s manager.

8. ITR/Form 2316. Clear photocopy.

  • You can request the latest copy of this to your company’s HR.
  • If you do not have an ITR because you’re self-employed or for other reasons, feel free to include a letter addressed to the Japanese Embassy stating your reasons.

Head on to the next page for the requirements for applications with sponsor!