How to Get 100,000 LIKES on your Facebook Page: Hits 100k – Top 5 Tips

How to Get 100,000 LIKES on your Facebook Page: Hits 100k – Our Top 5 Tips


Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported and our Facebook page!

Other than having 350,000 monthly views on our website (online magazine), as of now, we have gone over the 100,000 LIKES mark!

It was pretty cool that we even got to see it happen as we were able to get screenshots of our 99,999th like and then 100,000 and up!


WIM FB Facebook 99999 stats likes friends Facebook Page ( at 99,999 Likes


WIM FB Facebook 100000 100k stats likes friends Facebook Page ( hitting the golden number of 100,000


If you too want to make it to 100,000 LIKES on your Facebook Fan Page, then here are our top five tips to do so.


Top 5 Tips on How to Get 100,000 LIKES on your Facebook Page


5. Keep it REAL

I know we sound like a rapper or a reality TV star, but on the internet, the netizens can spot a fake a mile away! The more genuine you are and truthful, the more your potential fans will appreciate and share your work. So don’t post things about something you know nothing of or about famous events and celebrities, just because you think it might get you a few likes. Stick to what you know. Keep it real hommie!


4. Post regularly, schedule posts

For us, we actually had too many posts as we had too many admins, but we found a way to make it work and limit posts to just the best of the best. If you have a team managing a page, then split up responsibilities and posting times. If you are managing solo, then find time to schedule posts on a more consistent and regular basis. We recommend at least one or two posts per day.


3. Run contests

Although it is a bit tougher now as you need to create an app, if you are a big company, you NEED to invest into this and run contests that will get people to like your page. Be careful though as if you do not have an app for this or run your contest with the proper Facebook guidelines, they could potentially suspend or even delete your Facebook Like Page! OUCH!


2. Content is King

Just because you posted something does not mean you are golden. Make sure what you post is of good quality. Ensure what you post is somewhat related to your page and to what your fans are expecting. A curve ball once in a while is fine, but you need to have overall consistency in your Facebook posts.


1. Interact

There’s no better way to gain loyal fans than to interact with them and to let them know that each one of them is important. Comment back, reply, have intelligent debates or event just goof around with them!


How to Get 100,000 LIKES on your Facebook Page: Hits 100k – Our Top 5 Tips

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