How to flirt when you’re pabebe (like me)

Raise your hand if you’ve tweeted (or mentally tweeted) this: “Penge love life.”

No shame, friends. It’s totally normal to want to have some thrill in your life via landi. It’s fun, a great distraction from the general chaos surrounding us, and a wonderful way to boost your ego. But what if you’re pabebe af? What happens then?

Fear not, fellow pabebe girls (and guys)! I have put together a guide for the how-tos of flirting when you’re pabebe. You can actually use it to your advantage and capitalize on the image in a fun, flirty way! At least–I hope so. It’s been working so far. LOL.

Read on for more pabebe landian tips.

Emojis are your best friend

Nothing softens the blow of any risky statement like an emoji. And with the birth of the googly-eye emoji (🥺) and the surrounded by hearts emoji (🥰), it’s only gotten easier. Classics such as the regular heart and the double pink ones also suffice. You can say something like “omg” and have it even more pabebe and pacute with any of these emojis.

Feel like you wanna be a little more flirty but don’t wanna use words? Use emojis. They get the point across in a very sneaky manner.

Say “Awww” a lot

“Awww” is a great filler word. It can mean so many things. It also shows that you’re easily touched, which is pretty cute. It softens the blow of other things if you’re going to say something a little forward but it also heightens the emotion of some sentences. For example: “Aww, it’s okay!” When your crush says he’s busy–it shows that you were looking forward to it but it’s softer. And also: “Awww, that’s so nice!” It’s like double the intention of the phrase “it’s so nice” with just one added word.

“Aww” is your friend.

Flickering up and down eye contact

You know those scenes in movies where the bashful girl looks at her crush and they connect for a second before she looks down or away while smiling? That is the key to pabebe flirting. Just linger long enough to show connection then pull away shyly. The smile after is crucial because you don’t want them to think it was totally accidental eye contact. You kind of want to subtly push that yes, I was looking at you, but omg you looked back and now I can’t stop smiling.

Doing this might make them smile, too, because we often imitate someone else’s facial expression. And all that smiling might just start a conversation. Don’t forget to say “hi!”

Bonus if you do it more than once and mix it up with a shy laugh here and there.

The slight lip bite is your friend

Pair the flickering eye contact with a slight, shy lip bite and you’ve got the modern “come hither” look down. It’s like you’re trying to hold back your excitement because you don’t want to seem too eager, which is endearing in itself. They’ll think it’s you trying to contain yourself and it’s a great ego boost for them. Don’t be afraid to bite that lower lip juuust a little with a hint of a smile so as not to look creepy.

Wear some sort of ring so you can show it to them and they’ll touch your hand

This one is a little more specific but it gets the kilig going. Jewelry is eye-catching and interesting and the more excited you are about it, the more likely that someone will want to hear about it, too, to match that positivity. Of course, this is only if you’re into rings and all, no need to force yourself.

The idea is you’re so hyped about your jewelry that you want to share it so you’re going to extend your hand to show off the ring and they’ll (hopefully) take it in theirs to inspect it. It gives you a moment of connection and warmth and it feels really nice.

Tuck your hair behind your ear

A staple for all pabebe peeps everywhere. Bonus if you tuck your hair behind your ear and look away slightly before returning your gaze. It’s a killer.

Smile and giggle, not laugh

Giggles are dainty and cutesy and are usually short in nature. While laughs can be cute to some, giggles are more pabebe in nature. Doing all of these moves in succession (tucking your hair back, flickering eye contact, and giggling) are a great way to show you’re interested without being too in-your-face about it.

Always leave them wanting just a little bit more

The key to pabebe flirting is to leave just a little bit out so that they’re hooked. A little mystery is always fun and if they’re into you, they’ll want to pursue it and solve it. Of course, the most important thing is to have fun–and don’t get your heart broken.

What do you think? Let us know!

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