This Startup Will Help You Find Quarantine-Accredited Hotels With Ease

Due to the pandemic, many countries currently require a mandatory hotel quarantine upon arrival. Governments have imposed strict compliance on hotels to become accredited for quarantine guests. Property physical standards, room turnover sequences, and hygiene protocols are a few benchmarks to be fulfilled in order to become an accredited hotel for quarantine.

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Unfortunately, it has been difficult for travelers to find accurate hotels because booking sites don’t indicate which hotels are actually government-accredited. If you aren’t careful, accidentally booking the wrong hotel could lead to complications. This is where SoldoutNight comes in to help.

SoldoutNight is an early-stage travel tech startup that has designed a contemporary travel management platform to make it easier for companies and individuals to find quarantine-accredited hotels in their destination region.


The startup strives to continuously introduce new booking features to the travel industry and this is their newest service. The information is reliable and updated daily so you can save time and no longer have to browse through government websites or contact hotels to find the right one for you.

Once you have chosen your preferred hotel, SoldoutNight will also provide you with the best available rates and manage the booking for you. You will then receive all of the necessary step-by-step arrival guidelines of the respective destination, making everything efficient and stress-free.
and headaches.

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This service is completely free of charge and is a great help for anyone who needs to travel to a country where hotel quarantine is mandatory upon arrival. The current list of countries that require travelers arriving from any destination in the world to hotel quarantine are Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

SoldoutNight was founded in 2019, shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunate to be such an early stage startup with low overhead and overall costs, the company can focus on developing a product aligned with all of the changes happening in the travel industry. The platform launched in November 2020 and is currently running under its beta version with interesting new booking features launching soon (one of
which monitors fluctuating hotel rates).

SoldoutNight aims to provide users with a safer and more organized way of traveling in regards to the pandemic and the near future of travel. Currently, safe travel and efficient information sharing is SoldoutNight’s top priority towards its users. Check out their quarantine hotel booking service here.

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