How to Elevate Your Toilet and Bathroom

With the heat intensifying in the next few weeks, many of us will probably be spending a lot more time in the bathroom because of the multiple showers we’ll be taking every day. With that in mind, do you feel like updating your bathroom this coming summer season?

To make your daily showers a bit more interesting and relaxing, here are a few ways that you can elevate your toilet and bathroom:

Change your “tiles”

tile stickers

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Before you worry that changing bathroom tiles will need major renovation, you can first consider these waterproof tile stickers as an alternative. These colorful tile stickers are easy to install and do not need any overhauling in the bathroom. These are waterproof, but if you don’t want to cover your whole bathroom with tile stickers, then just changing up even one wall will make your bathroom look good as new. Get tile stickers here!

Update your shower set

black shower

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If you haven’t changed your shower set since you moved into your home, then take this as a sign to get a new minimalist shower set. This sleek black shower set is perfect for an instant bathroom glow-up! The black color and minimalist design will make your bathroom feel extra luxurious even without a major renovation. Get this black shower set here!

Add extra storage

bathroom rack

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It’s difficult to feel comfy and relaxed when there’s lots of clutter in your bathroom. You can instantly solve that problem by adding storage in your bathroom. This space-saving rack lets you utilize the space above your toilet while offering more storage space. You can even use this organizer to add a few decor pieces to your bathroom. Buy this bathroom rack here!

Incorporate your favorite scents

kutitap mnl 04106

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There’s nothing more relaxing than having your favorite scent envelope you during a hot shower. Whether it’s lavender, bamboo, or peppermint, make sure to place a scented candle with your favorite fragrance in your bathroom. It will certainly make the room a literal comfort room. Buy scented candles here!

Hang a large mirror

led mirror

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Hanging a mirror on your bathroom wall will not just make your daily routines a lot more convenient, but it will also make your bathroom look much bigger. If you’re really looking for an upgrade then choose this frameless mirror with LED lights. It’s stylish, elegant, and more functional thanks to the built-in lights that will make your makeup routine easier. Buy this LED mirror here!

Make your bathroom smarter

bidetseat kohler

Photo from Kohler

Nothing says “upgrade” more than adding technology to your bathroom. This electronic bidet seat will change the way you go to the bathroom. With this smart toilet seat, you’ll experience a new level of cleansing for daily comfort and confidence. Its easy-to-use controls let you adjust the water spray for temperature and pulsating motion-all at the touch of a button. This is worth every peso! Buy this electronic bidet seat here!

Still not convinced that you need an electronic bidet seat? Check out this article!

How would you upgrade your bathroom at home? Share it with us!

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