How to Dominate Social Media in 2022

Social media is used by almost 57% of the world’s population, making it the most crucial and affordable platform where you can tell your brand story effectively and prompt your audience into action.

Some think setting up an account on social media platforms is enough, but it goes far beyond what we can see. And what too often gets overlooked is the incredible superpower of social media optimization (SMO). Studies showed that 50% of companies struggle with SEO because they are not optimizing their social media.

Truelogic Managing Partner Berns San Juan shares some of the SMO strategies that can help you strengthen the brand, generate stronger leads, get more visibility in the digital world, and connect with the right audience.

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1. Optimize your social profiles

In social media page optimization, check if the branding and creative visuals are consistent with your business’s online presence (logos, fonts, hashtags, taglines, and slogans). Make sure the name of the company is visible on the logo, clear enough to read may it be on mobile or desktop.
Choose a short username that is easily searchable and choose something available on all social networks. Do not forget to include detailed information such as the company’s bio, website, contact number, and email address.

Ensuring these elements are consistent is crucial because this increases brand visibility, and the professional look, and feel—setting your business and website up for success. Aside from this, make sure that your brand details are across all channels, and usernames, and are connected to your website, whether in the footer, sidebar, or at the bottom of your content.

2. Implement a content strategy

To garner the best results in your SMO, a content strategy is a must. This might be as simple as putting three posts a week, or one post a day. Sticking with your strategy will help increase the visibility not only of your social profiles but also of your website and brand. But posting content is not enough, you need to share your content with other platforms or groups, or even run targeted ads.

3. Focus on external links to your website

Maintaining a large or loyal social following is also crucial and getting these users to leave these social media sites is where the real work comes in. Encourage external sites to link to your content because the more diverse links that you get, the higher the authority you build on Google. To do so, it is important to consistently produce and post eye-catching images, videos, and text that will allow your users to find out more. You should also promote your content by sharing it in existing threads and discussion forums.

4. Keyword Research and Use of Hashtags

Another SMO tactic is to improve your keyword research because surveying the right words will help your content rank on Google. Zoom in on what topics, keywords, and even hashtags your audience uses to find information about your service or product. This will also allow you to choose relevant and popular hashtags that will help build your brand personality and constantly draw people to your business, which will expand your company’s reach and earn new leads.

5. Track the analytics of your ad campaigns

It is important to track the metrics of each of your business’s social profiles when running ad campaigns. Optimizing your social media profile campaigns will allow you to understand performance more clearly. Do not get complacent with your social media presence because without the right analytics tools, you will fly blind.

“Social Media Marketing Optimization has proven to be beneficial for creating reliable brand awareness. SMO is something that businesses should implement and take a strategic approach to put their best foot forward,” San Juan says.

“The heart of any SMO strategy is customer relations. It’s all about getting users to stay on your social media, letting them get to know you, finding out what sets you apart from competitors, and providing them with an enjoyable and straightforward experience so that they will remain committed to your brand,” he adds.

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