How to Build a Fun Company Culture for Your Business

Written by: Claire Chingkoe (instagram: @clairechingkoe)
Photos by: Francesca Nicole Collantes (instagram: @nekzoned) and Vince Imperio (Instagram: @beansimperio)

These days, the sound of spending time in an office doesn’t quite top the list of places that scream fun. Though if businesses are catching on to the trend, companies are trying to break away from the uniform mold that makes working in a corporate setting seem so dull. I mean, if you’ll be spending a lot of time in there anyway, why not make it as bearable as possible, right? Since packing up and heading to work for Google isn’t in the stars for everybody, how can you make this reality yours as well?

In case you haven’t noticed yet on our social media posts, the admins and interns of have been spending a lot of time in Penbrothers lately. It’s where we hold most of our meetings and team building events!

Penbrothers WIM Meeting

One thing we noticed about the people who work at Penbrothers is how happy they all seem to beWe were amazed and curious about their company culture, so we tagged along to some of their events. Here are some things they do that make working there so much more fun!

Establishing a Supreme Cart

Penbrothers Fun Company Culture

It could be anything your office might enjoy, but caffeine is a surefire way to get everyone’s energies up! Food carts are another favorite, making it easier for employees to grab lunch when cutting it close to deadlines. Ask your marketing department to collaborate with other small businesses so you can help each other out! It’s a definite win-win.  

Bringing in Game Night

Penbrothers Kickfire Kitchen Nikki Collantes

Penbrothers Kickfire Kitchen Nikki Collantes

Taking a card out of Ross Butler’s book, Game Night is a simple way to bring co-workers together and have fun! Sometimes you won’t get a chance to meet people within your company because you’re in different departments or merely because you don’t have anything to say. Setting aside a night per month (or even per week!) playing and yelling over each other seems a lot more natural than small talk in the canteen, don’t you think?

Group Yoga Sessions

Penbrothers Yoga Night Fiel Flameno

Go beyond the workplace and get everyone in shape (physically and mentally)! Apart from creating new experiences, there’s also a satisfaction in overcoming struggle together. Whether it’s hiking a mountain, solving a mystery, or facing difficult yoga positions head on, these serve as great team building activities that could give everyone some time off and relief from their busy schedules even just for a bit.

Netflix and Chill

Penbrothers Red Dot Cinema Night Nikki Collantes

Penbrothers Red Dot Cinema Night Nikki Collantes

Arrange a mini film festival and have a movie night at the office! Set up a table with popcorn, chips, and soda with a movie projected on screen as a quiet way for everyone to unwind. Whether you laugh, cry, or end up snoozing in your chair, at least those who want to wait out the weekend traffic rush can do so just fine.  

Throw a Hearty Party

First Friday Fun Penbrothers Makati Vince Imperio

First Friday Fun Penbrothers Makati Vince Imperio

Karaoke in one corner, beer pong and finger food in another, and you’ve got yourself a fun night in the office. It doesn’t hurt to always have events like this to forward to, so just experiment with what everyone is into and find ways for everyone to have a great time.

First Friday Fun Penbrothers Makati Vince Imperio

A fun working environment helps employees connect with one another, boosts job satisfaction, motivates them to enjoy coming in and stay longer, and attracts new workers to apply for the company. At the end of the day, a great company will ensure that everyone is contented and given proper care.  

First Friday Fun Penbrothers Makati Vince Imperio UST


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