How to Break a Tie During Elections? Coin Toss.

Apparently, if there’s a tie during the election in our country, the tie is broken through a series of coin toss.

In Bocaue, Bulacan, two candidates on the mayoralty race ended up having the same number of votes. With 16,964 votes each, the Municipal Board of Canvassers turned to the tossing of a coin to break the tie between Joni Villanueva and Jim Valerio.

Villanueva chose tails and won in three straight rounds of coin toss.

Villanueva is a sister of senatorial candidate Joel “Tesdaman” Villanueva.

The drawing of lots to break the tie is a resolution from the Commission on Elections. It is under the poll body’s Resolution 10083 or the General Instruction for the Board of Canvassers on the Consolidation/Canvass and Transmission of Votes specifically Section 11, Letter D-II.

Now, can you imagine this being done on the national level?

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