How to #BloodyHelp in the Middle of a Pandemic

It is inevitable that we have been put on hold. The COVID_19 pandemic has disrupted almost all of our daily activities, all our routines, and all our plans with friends and family. Unbeknownst to many, the medical community has also been experiencing the offshoot problems brought about by this crisis. One of which is the dwindling number of willing blood donors in many blood service facilities.

With the implementation of the many community quarantine protocols, and the anxiety brought about by the coronavirus, many blood banks are now facing a decline in supplies. This can jeopardize the treatment and management of patients in need of blood and other blood products whose lives may depend on transfusion.

BloodyHelp for WhenInManila

With this, BloodyHelp! was initiated by a group of medical students who wanted to help in assisting the Philippine Blood Center, the government’s blood bank, in conducting a blood donation drive. They are also aiming to promote bloodletting to the public and share its benefits to the Filipino people.


Will it be safe to donate blood in the middle of this COVID Issue?

Absolutely! With the staff wearing basic personal protective equipment, beds being safely distanced at 1 meter apart, and work surfaces being disinfected after every donor’s turn, it must be pointed out that donating blood is a safe procedure. It should also be emphasized that there is no data or evidence that the coronavirus can be transmitted through blood transfusions, so let’s make all those worries go away!


Mass gatherings are prohibited, yes. But we should always remember that a blood drive is not considered as such. This is a controlled event attended by trained professionals following strict protocols and safety precautions for the safety of everyone involved. Furthermore, the Philippine Blood Center is not a hospital and therefore has no admitted COVID-19 patients within it, for those who might be asking.


When, Where, and How can I join?

The BloodyHelp! Blood Donation Drive will be held on July 13-17, 2020 at the Philippine Blood Center, located in the Lung Center Compound, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.


For interested donors, BloodyHelp! has a sign-up sheet that you can fill out:


You can also reach them through their various social media platforms and contact details:


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Facebook: BloodyHelp: A Blood Donation Drive for the Philippine Blood Center

Twitter: @bloodyhelppbc

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